Reds’ youngest fan? Sonogram among ‘spectators’ at games

CINCINNATI (AP) — This surprise baby reveal was a home run.

When Aaron Nemo was asked to help his brother and sister-in-law announce they were expecting their first child, he wanted to hit it out of the park. So he decided to cut out their sonogram picture and submit baby Nemo to be a fan cutout at the Cincinnati Reds’ spectator-less Great American Ballpark, WXIX-TV reports.

“I wish I could say my heart was in an amazing place from the beginning, and I was just there to do something very sweet, but I kind of wanted to do something weird,” Aaron Nemo, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, told the station.

Adam Nemo, who lives in Florida with his wife, says he didn’t expect his brother to announce the pregnancy in the seats of a ballpark. But his father is a Reds fan, and he was wearing a Reds T-shirt when his wife got an ultrasound.

“When we thought about announcing, I was like, ’Let’s give it to Aaron, let’s let him come up with something,’” his wife, Kayleigh, said.

Both brothers say watching games has now turned into “finding Nemo” as they scan the stands for the cutout.

“Every time there’s a foul ball down the right-field or left-field line, I pause it and am like, ’Is that, is that the baby?” Aaron said.

“We do the same,” Adam agreed. “We haven’t seen it yet on TV — you start looking closer during the games, but have not seen it yet. Don’t know where it is yet.”

Reds officials say family members should be able to see the baby’s cutout on the third baseline.

Reds officials earlier announced that fans could purchase cutouts for $75 to be placed in the ballpark during the 2020 regular season. WXIX-TV reports that there are now a total of 3,200 cutouts ordered and nearly 2,000 installed.