Throwback Thursday: Rebekah Lodgers

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on August 13, 1960:

National headlines

• ‘Pilot’s Father Plans Plea Directly to Khrushchev; Son Accused of Being Spy Against Soviets’

“MOSCOW (AP) — Oliver W. Powell said today he will appeal directly to Premier Nikita Khrushchev ‘as one father to another’ for the sake of his son, Francis Gary Powers, who goes on trial next week accused of espionage” against the Soviet Union.


• ‘Carillon Tower Nears Completion’

“Workmen of the Champion Bridge Co. and A.P. Eveland & Sons, Inc. of Wilmington continued the task today of placing 35 Petit & Fritsen bells atop the 60-foot carillon tower which now stands in the center of the Wilmington College campus.

“Weighing a total of 6,000 pounds, the new Wilmington College bells were made in 1957 by the Dutch firm for the Holy See’s exhibit at the Brussels World’s Fair … The largest bell in the carillon weighs 1,100 pounds, the smallest 20 pounds.

“In 1958, the bells were presented to Wilmington College by Mrs. Bessie Goodman, a former Wilmington resident now living in Los Angeles, Calif. in memory of her husband Simon Goodman, longtime Wilmington merchant tailor whose death occurred May 6, 1958.”

‘Poland China Take Grand Champions in Barrow Show’

“Sons of two Poland China breeders who live in the same community won the grand championship overall breeds in the open class barrow show Friday at the Clinton County Fair.”

Estel E. Snyder, son of Estel Snyder of Wilmington, exhibited the grand champion individual barrow and Tommy Dalton, son of Ronald Dalton of Wilmington showed the grand champion pen of three. Other winners in the show included John Bernard of New Vienna, Charles McClary Jr., David Hackney of Wilmington, Gretchen Myers of Sabina, Jim Bernard of Sabina, Nancy Bernard of New Vienna, Carroll Ann Terrell of New Vienna, J. Richard Terrell of New Vienna, Danny Wilson of Sabina, Mark Terrell of Wilmington, Carmen Compton of Wilmington, Annelle Compton of Wilmington, Billy Bernard of New Vienna, David Haines of Sabina, Leroy Shaffer of Sabina, Sandy and Candy Cammack of Wilmington, Robert Larrick of Sabina, Jim Watters of Sabina and Larry Allen Pope of New Vienna.

• Winners at the fair in Clothing included Linda Creighton, Ruth Murphy, Donna Beth Haines, Karen Brewer, Karen Borrer, Judy Eaton, Roberta Woodmansee, Vicki Garrison, Sandra King, Isabelle Harner, Marilyn Mandress, Lynn Terrell, and Sarah Carter.

• Showing at the Murphy Theatre was Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” County Historical Society

News Journal