Suspect in multiple slayings charged in 1996 Ohio killing

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (AP) — A former truck driver who authorities say is linked by DNA to the slayings of four women at truck stops in Ohio and Illinois was indicted in the 1996 killing of a woman whose body was found behind a truck stop near Toledo.

A grand jury in Wood County indicted Samuel Legg III on Wednesday on charges of aggravated murder, murder, rape, and kidnapping.

He’s accused in the death of 27-year-old Victoria Jane Collins, a Cleveland woman found in Lake Township in December 1996, prosecutor’s said. Court records don’t say whether he has attorney yet.

Legg last year was extradited from Arizona to face charges in the sexual assault of a 17-year-old Ohio girl. He later was ruled incompetent to stand trial, but he’s still in custody while undergoing psychological treatments.

In addition, Legg was charged last year with aggravated murder in the 1992 slaying of a woman at a truck stop near Youngstown.

Authorities have said that Legg, a former long-haul truck driver, has a history of mental illness.

A judge overseeing his rape case ruled last September that Legg III wasn’t capable of aiding in his defense, but the judge also said it was probable that Legg’s competency can be restored. He was ordered to stay at a psychiatric facility for up to a year.

His defense attorney in that case said he doubted Legg’s competency can be restored.