Clinton County’s jobless rate improves to 8.7 percent

By Gary Huffenberger -

COLUMBUS — Clinton County’s unemployment rate improved to 8.7 percent in July, according to data released this week by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The state agency reported there were about 1,500 unemployed people in Clinton County in July. That means 500 Clinton Countians went from being jobless in June to having a job in July.

The 8.7 percent local unemployment rate in July is an improvement over Clinton County’s June rate of 11.1 percent. Clinton County’s May rate was 12.9 percent; and the April rate here was 17.2 percent.

Clinton County’s rate of 8.7 percent in July is better than Ohio’s statewide rate in July of 9.1 percent (these rates for both Clinton County and for the state are not seasonally adjusted).

Of the six counties that geographically touch Clinton County, Highland County had the highest unemployment rate in July: 8.9 percent.

And of those same adjoining counties, Warren County posted the lowest unemployment rate in July at 7 percent, with Greene County a close second at 7.1 percent.

Ohioans filed 18,988 initial jobless claims last week, according to statistics the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reported to the U.S. Dept. of Labor Thursday. This was 255,227 fewer than – or less than 7% of – the peak earlier this year.

The total number of initial jobless claims filed in Ohio over the last 23 weeks — 1,645,359 — was more than the combined total of those filed during the last four years.

By Gary Huffenberger