Clinton County real estate transfers

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This list of real estate transfers within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Titus Carpenter and Ryan Winters to Travis J. Stroman, 303 Charles Street in Wilmington, $24,000.

Mahlon John Stoltzfus to Mahlon John Stoltzfus and Jeanette D. Stoltzfus, 1746 Dailey Road in Green Township, and another property on Dailey Road, no sales amount.

Universal Forest Products to UFP Real Estate LLC, 940 Cherry Street in Blanchester, no sales amount.

Michael R. and Deborah G. Dixon to Michael R. Dixon, 245 Nauvoo Road in Vernon Township, no sales amount.

Floyd Lee and Debra Ellen Carey to Floyd Lee Carey Living Trust and Debra E. Carey, 55 Dana Avenue in Wilmington and 324 Leyland Park Drive in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Benjamin Dale and Jane M. Stokes to Mark B. and Stephanie Stokes, Center Road in Union Township and another property in Union Township, $509,000.

Benjamin Dale and Jane M. Stokes to Benjamin D. and Jane M. Stokes, 0 Center Road and 3182 Center Road (both in Union Township), no sales amount.

David J. Matson to Dalton W. Wilmoth, South Howard Street in Sabina and 339 South Jefferson Street in Sabina and two more properties on Jefferson Street in Sabina, $92,000.

Harry Cooper Snyder Jr. Trust Agreement to SAW Properties LLC, 201 East Main Street in Blanchester and another property on East Main Street in Blanchester, $155,000.

Michael D. and Sonia B. Grant to Michael D. Grant, 331 Country Manor Drive in Adams Township, no sales amount.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) to Xavier Roberts, 314 Bourbon Street in Blanchester and another property on Bourbon Street in Blanchester, no sales amount.

Jacqueline L. and Calvin T. Gilbert to Jason S. and April M. Lagore, 4374 Pansy Road in Vernon Township, $220,000.

Janene I. Goodman to William R. Gerrard, 236 Lakelly Road in Washington Township, $25,900.

Mark E. and Anna J. Winkle to Havalyn and Bryan Converse, 5248 State Route 730 in Adams Township, $343,000.

TK Watkins Enterprises LLC to Terry L. II and Ronda Campbell, 213 East Center Street in Blanchester, $149,900.

James Robert and Lois A. Hackney to James Robert Hackney and James and Lois Hackney Revocable Living Trust, two properties on State Route 380 in Chester Township and one more property in Chester Township, no sales amount.

Lori E. Wright to Zackary T. Smith, 346 Dana Avenue in Wilmington, $136,000.

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