Six and Twenty meets in-person

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What a pleasure it was to meet in-person for the August 21 meeting of the Six and Twenty Club! Twenty-three members answered roll call with quotations, the second-highest attendance since the first meeting of the year.

The setting for the day was the beautiful, shady boulevard of Peterson Place. President Mindy Henson and Secretary Lorie MacDonald measured and staked a six-foot separation between lawn chairs and members came with masks, but no set of restrictions could dampen the spirits of members or their enjoyment of the first in-person meeting since March.

The History Committee, comprised of Ms. Marsha Wagstaff, Ms. Karen Buckley, and Mrs. Pat King, has been busy sorting items and will begin filling scrapbooks. Ms. Wagstaff, spokesperson for the committee, stated that any member who has information and/or items to donate, may do so by giving them to one of the committee members. Great ideas are already being considered for a favor or keepsake for the 125th anniversary meeting in 2023.

Mrs. Kathleen Blake has sent a draft of the 2021 calendar and book list to each member by email. Members may change their book selection, if desired, and may change the date of their meeting, if necessary.

Members were saddened to hear of the move to North Carolina for Mrs. Kim Vandervort. The members offered wishes for happiness in their new home.

Head Teller Mrs. Susan Ertel gave an overview of the election of officers procedure if Zoom meetings are the club’s method of meeting for the remainder of the year. November 13 has been set as the date of the Annual Business Meeting.

If the Christmas party at Mrs. Susan Douglass’ is possible, there will be no program for the day.

In current events, there was joyous news to share: family weddings and new grandchildren were announced by several members. Home improvement projects and gardening were activities that members have been enjoying.

Instead of a delicious dessert, the tea table held hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes as each member came forward to retrieve their book.

A final, fond farewell was extended to Mrs. Kim Vandervort.

Submitted article