Wilmington High School names students of the month

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Wilmington High School is proud to announce its October Students of the Month:

Choir Department — Haylea Toledo

Haylea is doing an impeccable job completing assignments during the hybrid model. She has had a few absences, and has still been completing assignments, asking questions, and just communicating very well. She is always looking for ways to improve in her academics as well as musically.

Business Department — Ella Bernhardt

The Business Department would like to nominate Ella Bernhardt as the student of the month for October! Ella has performed exceptionally well in class and is clearly committed to high-quality, thorough work. She has a good attitude and is always friendly and involved with the class. There is no doubt that she will continue to be successful in the future!

Foreign Language — Trevor Billingsley

Trevor is a person whose sense of humor brings levity and a welcoming presence to times when other students are feeling discouraged or disconnected. He shows them that he is listening, and he cares. And he tries to help by sharing from his experiences. He also is quick to pick up on interpersonal cues and to let you know that he is kidding when his wry humor and wit catch you off-guard.

Ag Education — Courtney Parker

Courtney Parker is the Agricultural Education student of the month. She works incredibly hard in our Animal Anatomy and Physiology class. In class she always leads discussion or helps other students understand the content. She has done an incredible job of making sure her in class work is turned in as well as her remote work. Recently, Courtney has stepped up as the Vice President of the Wilmington FFA Chapter. She holds an office in our FFA chapter in addition to her participation in cheer. She is very passionate about her ag classes as well as making sure that we do the best for our FFA chapter.

Social Studies Department — Caleb Macias

Caleb has been an excellent student in US Government. He participates in conversations about current events, turns his completed work in on time, and contributes to an overall positive classroom culture. Keep up the great work!

Math Department — Dreydon Martin

Dreydon is the Math Department Student of the Month for October. He is a hard worker and is always up for a challenge!

Foreign Language — Kellen Baltazar

Kellen works hard in Spanish class. All his assignments have been turned in for the quarter. Kellen asks questions when he needs help, either by emailing me or asking me in class. He pays attention and participates. He comes to class prepared with his CB charged and necessary class materials. He arrives to class on time. Keep up the great work, Kellen!

Theater Department — Matt Butcher

Matt is a multi-sport, varsity athlete who also participates in our theatre program. This year he is in acting class and according to Matt, he has been trying to fit this class into his schedule. I am glad it worked out this year. Matt is doing well, completing his assignments on time and performing with lots of energy. He is a joy to have in class and brings a great dynamic to the underclassmen.










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