Clinton County real estate transfers

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This list of real estate transfers within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

CED Properties LLC to Dana M. Howard, 98 Hulse Street in Sabina, $85,500.

Regina C. and Milton W. Vandervort to Talmage D. and Cathy Nickell, 128 Krebs Drive in Sabina, $102,900.

William L. and Sharon McCandless to William L. and Sharon L. McCandless, 114 Short Street and 56 Short Street both in Wilmington, no sales amount.

William McCandless to William and Sharon L. McCandless, 114 Truesdell Street and 289 Mulberry Street both in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Diana K. Rees to Diana K. Rees Declaration of Trust, 1547 Mount Pleasant Road in Liberty Township, no sales amount.

Charles H. and Maureen J. Faul to Charles H. Jr. and Maureen J. Faul Revocable Living Trust, Wise Road in Clark Township, no sales amount.

Joseph B. Fite to John Richard Fite, 4149 State Route 350 West in Vernon Township, no sales amount.

Justin L. Snyder to Justin L. Snyder ½ interest and Ashley Nichole Snyder ½ interest, 1871 Hale Road and another property on Hale Road both in Adams Township, no sales amount.

Dawn M. Fouch to Dawn M. Fouch ½ interest and Eldon Hill ½ interest, 1182 Lebanon Road in Adams Township, no sales amount.

Bobby Pritchard to Regina M. Davis ½ interest and James H. Davis ½ interest, 626 Hiney Road in Liberty Township, no sales amount.

Kummerle Werner to Calvin and Cynthia Colwell, 10927 State Route 28 in Green Township, $162,000.

Michael B. Myers ½ interest and Denise K. Myers ½ interest to Bonnie L. McCoy, 518 South Wright Street in Blanchester, $100,000.

Ellen E. Hill to Ian P. Davis, 481 Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $167,500.

Tracy L. Davis to Roger Newsome, 123 West Mound Street in Sabina, $25,000.

Shelby E. Woodyard to Matthew K. and Shelby E. Davidson, 5371 Maple Grove Avenue and two other Maple Grove Avenue properties all in Blanchester, no sales amount.

Robert M. Conley to Mark J. Bartholomew, 3917 Beechgove Road in Union Township, $199,000.

Rodney Feltz ½ interest and Beth Feltz ½ interest to Joseph Allen ½ interest and Brittany Allen ½ interest, 505 Elm Street and one other property on Elm Street both in Martinsville, $8,000.

Jo Ann Bradshaw to Valentina Predoiu, 718 East Center Street in Blanchester, $100,000.

JoMaye and Jeffrey A. Hazard and Gary Ray Debo to JoMaye D. and Jeffrey A. Hazard, 877 Xenia Avenue in Wilmington, $120,000.

Thomas G. Foster ½ interest and Betty M. Foster ½ interest to Donald III and Chelsey Hayden, 46 Stockton Avenue in Sabina, $102,000.

Tracy J. Meares to Adam Benjamin Meares and Luke Shane Meares, 175 San Mar Gale Drive in Sabina, no sales amount.

William R. Davis to Randy W. and Mary F. Davis, 7404 Brock Drive in Blanchester, no sales amount.

James Nathan Andrew to Jeanne A. Alexander, 1543 Shawnee Trace Road in Marion Township and another property on Shawnee Trace Road but this one in Jefferson Township, $48,700.

Richard A. and Kimberly J. Burton to Paul R. and Colleen K. Fear, 47 Sherman Street in Sabina, $42,000.

Jean A. Gravlin to Jean A. Gravlin Revocable Living Trust, Dwiggins Road in Union Township, no sales amount.

Cheyenne Duggins to Dee A. Duggins, 2235 Reeder Road in Vernon Township, no sales amount.

James A. and Deborah L. Shutts to Deborah L. Shutts, 67 First Street in Clarksville, no sales amount.

Harold E. Curtis Jr. to Diane Lynn Herring, 3141 Antioch Road in Green Township, no sales amount.

Darrell and Donna Nolley to Darrell Nolley, 647 Grand Avenue in Sabina, no sales amount.

Roger Newsome to Peter J. Ludi, 210 South Howard Street in Sabina, $84,000.

Kimberly Law to Kimberly A. Law, 500 John Chambers Drive in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Anthony and Linda Raisor to Linda Raisor, 167 North Broadway Street in Midland, no sales amount.

Michael Joseph and Cherity Waynelean Loudner to Charity W. Campbell, 586 Silverado Drive in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Jarett Roush ½ interest and Holly Roush ½ interest to Jessica M. Kassinos and Nathan C. Giacobbi, 1060 Mayfair Drive in Wilmington, $223,500.

Rosalee Waldren to Chad R. and Tara D. Mason, Speers Road in Liberty Township, $175,000.

Robert F. and Sarah E. Fawcett to Sarah E. Fawcett, 111 Mills Road in Chester Township, no sales amount.

Zachary and Rachael A. Fawley to Wayne and Dena K. Clifton, 221 South Broadway Street in Blanchester, $10,000.

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