Clinton County real estate transfers

This list of real estate transfers within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

PRG / Don Properties LLC to Klaue Properties LLC, 229 East Locust Street, 278 South Walnut Street, and 230 West Sugartree Street all in Wilmington, $172,000.

Kenneth L. and Connie L. Damron to Connie L. Damron, 1711 Antioch Road in Green Township, no sales amount.

James R. White to Darrell Campbell, 530 Valley Street in Wilmington, $5,000.

James Duke to Thomas A. and Megan Musselman, 57 Old State Route 133 in Marion Township, $233,500.

Penny K. Patterson to Dachshund Investments LLC, 101 East Main Street in Blanchester, $63,000.

Timothy D. and Mary L. Inwood to Erik P. and Darci Hermanson, 114 Honey Locust Lane in Chester Township, $383,500.

Linda Joyce Bernett to Bill George Dugger, 5346 Lynchburg Road in Clark Township, no sales amount.

Deanna H. Schutte to Sarah E. Volkerding, 415 Westfield Drive in Wilmington, $108,000.

Amber Eggleton to Aaron and Alexandrea Elliott, 236 Dakins Chapel Road in Sabina, $149,900.

David G. and Christina M. Snook to the Gaddy Family Trust, 2389 U.S. Route 68 North in Union Township, $244,000.

Alexis L. Coffey to David Andrew and Kirsten Kranz, 401 South Broadway Street and one other property on Broadway Street both in Blanchester, $125,000.

Edward and Wilma McCarty to Ashley R. and Scott J. Snyder, 160 Church Street in New Vienna, $74,000.

Robert E. Reiley and Judy M. Gates Trustee of the Robert E. Reiley Trust to Judy M. Gates, 507 West Washington Street in Sabina, and three other West Washington Street properties in Sabina, no sales amount.

Matrka Renovation and Painting LLC to Cynthia A. Williams, 1224 Arbor Ridge Drive in Wilmington, $35,000.

John Joseph Arvai Jr. to Daniel L. and Kathy L. Lawson, a Washington Township property, $1,000.

Mary L. Vance to Derick J. Hurt, 2742 Brimstone Road in Chester Township, $40,000.

Bryan Rowe to Joseph J. Shultz, 1093 Glady Road in Clark Township, $40,000.

Heidi E. Browning to Tyler and Zoe Curry, 168 Old State Route 133 in Marion Township, $35,000.

McFarlane Asset Management LLC to Heather Brewer and Jeremy A. Culp, 407 North South Street in Wilmington, $174,900.

John and Dora M. Bills to Coleman J. and Destiny M. Clifton, 364 Westfield Drive in Wilmington, $84,000.

Susan P. Salisbury to the Osborn Family Trust, 1153 Heather Run in Wilmington, $189,900.

Timothy L. Terrell to Amber M. and Bryan J. and Bryan E. and Phyllisteen Floyd, 6180 Hornbeam Road in Wayne Township, $209,500.

Thomas I. Sheley to Michael R. and Sherry A. Bigelow, 304 East Washington Street in Sabina, $40,000.

JP Family Farms LLC to Fine Swine LLC, Rapid Ford Road in Clark Township, $198,900.

Harold D. Carnahan and Donald D. Carnahan to SPM Farms LLC, 779 Darbyshire Road in Richland Township, $47,100.

Benjamin D. and Jane M. Stokes to the Agreement of Trust of Benjamin D. Stokes, 3182 Center Road in Union Township and one other property on Center Road in Union Township, no sales amount.

Corwin E. Jr. and Debra L. Flint to Michael Thompson, two properties on Gibson Road in Washington Township, $36,500.

Linda S. Steadman to John Michael Tuck, 237 Grove Street in Wilmington, $75,000.

Bonnie L. McClain to Bonnie L. and William B. Evans, 1758 Prairie Road in Union Township, no sales amount.

Jennifer L. Spinks to Rein’s Professional Services LLC, 365 South Mulberry Street in Wilmington, $38,000.

Eric James White to Linda Raisor, 210 North Columbus Street and two more properties on North Columbus Street all in Blanchester, no sales amount.

Walter B. Streber to Streber Properties LLC, 102 East Sugartree Street in Wilmington, $85,000.

Audrey N. Farley to Colton D. Goodman, 127 South College Street in Sabina and one other South College Street property in Sabina, $132,500.

Carson L. Carter to Castillo Properties LLC, 55 Fairland Avenue in Wilmington, $119,000.

Cheryl Howard to Amber Steed, Charles Oney, Cheryl D. Blackburn and Steven C. Blackburn, 233 West Street in New Vienna, no sales amount.

Newbry Family Trust to Phyllis M. Hale, 354 Locust Street in Wilmington, $35,000.

Brojente Properties LLC to Wayne Gumley, 143 Hulse Street in Sabina, $89,500.

Ralph V. III and Sylvia Todd to Mark and Tamara Labar, 2391 Martinsville Road in Clark Township, $299,900.

Richard Liston to the Liston Family Revocable Living Trust, 80 Ely Avenue in Sabina and two other Ely Avenue properties also in Sabina, no sales amount.

Board of County Commissioners of Clinton County to the Board of Education of the Great Oaks Joint Vocational School District, a property on Airport Road in Union Township, no sales amount.

Norman T. Tumbleson to Lori Kay Tumbleson, 2983 Progress Way and three other Progress Way properties all in Wilmington, no sales amount.