DeWine to Ohioans: ‘We need you to be fully engaged in this battle’ after another record day for COVID-19

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COLUMBUS — “Sadly, our situation in Ohio continues to worsen,” said Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine at Thursday’s briefing after the state reported 2,425 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

Of the 10 highest days of new cases reported, eight have occurred in the past nine days.

“Local health department officials report that much of the spread in the community is generating from family get-togethers,” he said. “Hospitals also are starting to be impacted.”

DeWine said, “For my fellow Ohioans who have felt that until now this virus really did not impact their life or their family and that they would react when it was really serious — I say to them that the time is now.

“We need you. We need you to be fully engaged in this battle,” he said. “When you see today’s data, when you see how fast the virus is spreading, when you see that the virus has spread and penetrated deeply into virtually every county in the state, it’ll become clear we all must fight back.

On Oct. 9 there were 853 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals; as of Thursday, that number is 1,293.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joined the briefing remotely and stated, “Don’t let your guard down. It’s not worth it. I made a huge mistake by taking my mask off. It’s something I hope no other American has to go through. It’s like getting beaten up from the inside out.”

Christie added, “As tired as you are of keeping that mask on — you will take those days in a heartbeat as compared to getting this disease. I want to tell the people of Ohio that what the governor is asking you to do is the right thing to do.”

Clinton County as of late Wednesday afternoon reported there have been 457 total cases, with 13 people currently hospitalized County Health District of Ohio

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