Throwback Election Day: A look back

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The News Journal published this photo on Page 1 of the Wednesday, Nov. 3 edition.

The News Journal published this photo on Page 1 of the Wednesday, Nov. 3 edition.

News Journal file photo

The News Journal presents a special “Throwback Tuesday” feature with highlights from the News Journal after several presidential elections between 1920 and 1976:


‘G.O.P Landslide; Harding Elected — Electoral Vote May Reach 350’

“New York (AP) — The Republican landslide continued to roll along in even greater proportions today as belated returns came in from the West … On the basis of actual returns at hand, it seemed Ohio’s Warren G. Harding would have not less than 330 votes in the Electoral College with a probability of 350, while all that could be counted for Ohio Gov. James Cox were the 127 from the Solid South.”


‘Hoover Landslide; Solid South Is Broken Into For First Time By Republican Candidate’

“(AP) — A Republican sweep from coast to coast, enveloping the border states and driving a wedge into the solid South, still was piling up majorities for Herbert Hoover today as the returns told in expanding detail the story of yesterday’s election.”


‘Democratic Landslide Sweeps U.S.; Roosevelt Is Given Plurality Of Four Million’

“(AP) — A mighty Democratic tornado whipped across the country in Tuesday’s voting. It tore relentlessly into every section of the nation, elected Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Presidency (over President Herbert Hoover) , assured him a strongly Democratic Congress and brought success to a multitude of his party’s state and local office-seekers.”


‘Dewey Concedes Truman’

“(AP) — President Truman, in an astounding upset of pre-balloting predictions, has won the presidency. He will have a Democratic Senate to work with him. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, his Republican opponent, conceded Mr. Truman’s election at 11:15 a.m. EST. At that time, Mr. Truman was leading in 28 states having 304 electoral votes (with 266 needed to win) and Dewey was leading in 16 states with 189 electoral votes.”


‘Gen. Ike’s Victory Sets Record; Eisenhower Shatters 20-Year Dem Reign’

“(AP) — Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower smashed all voting records today as he won the presidency in a sprawling landslide that left control of Congress teetering in the balance between Republicans and Democrats. Americans who liked Ike gave the 62-year-old war hero the greatest vote ever poured out for a presidential candidate as he foreclosed a 20-year Democratic mortgage on the White House and sent Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois down to a crushing defeat.”


‘Nixon Concedes To Kennedy; Minnesota Votes Send Democrat To White House’

“(AP) — Democrat John Fitzgerald Kennedy today won the United States presidency — the youngest man ever elected to the nation’s highest office. Kennedy’s Republican opponent, Vice President Richard M. Nixon, conceded defeat after a seesaw vote count battle that was not determined until after noon today.”

‘Nixon Named 37th President’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Richard M. Nixon was elected 37th President of the United States today, bursting by Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey with narrow windup victories in California, Illinois and Ohio. … In popular votes Nixon and Humphrey were in a virtual tie. But as the morning wore on, Nixon’s electoral vote count surged comfortable ahead of Lyndon B. Johnson’s vice president.”


‘Carter wins Presidency’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Jimmy Carter’s long, once-solitary journey from Plains, Ga. will carry him to the White House in January with a victory forged from the traditional Democratic party coalition of the Old South and industrial North” as he defeated President Gerald R. Ford.

The News Journal published this photo on Page 1 of the Wednesday, Nov. 3 edition. News Journal published this photo on Page 1 of the Wednesday, Nov. 3 edition. News Journal file photo

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