CCHD: 3 more local coronavirus-related deaths, now 5 total reported since Friday

By Tom Barr -

WILMINGTON — Three more Clinton County coronavirus-related deaths were reported late Monday by the Clinton County Health District, bringing the local total to 20 deaths — 5 of which have been reported since Friday.

They are: a man in his 40s; a man in his 80s; and a woman in her 90s.

The CCHD reports 896 confirmed cases and 367 probable ones for a total of 1,263 since the pandemic began, with 471 active cases including 7 locals currently hospitalized

The current counts may differ on the State of Ohio website as “counts can fluctuate due to jurisdictional changes by the Ohio Department of Health,” Clinton County Health Commissioner Pam Bauer has previously explained to the News Journal. “The public demands information be reported in real time, but that is sometimes a challenge.”

Gov. Mike DeWine told Ohioans Monday during a briefing, “I’m asking every Ohioan to continue to pull back and limit your activities. There is a cause and effect to what we do — we can slow this down. The scariest thing is that there is no indication that we have plateaued. We haven’t seen anything like this for 100 years.

Dara Pence, RN and ICU Nurse Manager at Riverside Hospital, appeared remotely and said, “We ask patients where they think they got COVID: Graduation parties, baby showers, funerals, weddings … several have said, ‘I had a mask, but I put it in my pocket when I saw others didn’t have a mask’.”

“COVID is unpredictable, it’s throwing curveballs,” she said. “We’re seeing young, healthy people come to the hospital, they’re getting sick, and they’re passing. The virus can impact anyone from any background.”

Carrie Watkins, Assistant Director of Nursing for Genacross Lutheran Services, addressed Ohioans remotely and said, “I hope people can understand that their actions can have unintended consequences. Even if you don’t have a loved one in a nursing facility, you could start a chain reaction that brings the virus in. These lives are worth protecting.

“The staff is spread very, very thin. We’ve turned into an extended family for our residents since their families can’t come in and see them right now. As nurses and caregivers, we work so hard to take care of our residents.

The reported Clinton County COVID-19-related deaths (and dates reported):

• July 10 — a man in his 80s

• July 14 — a woman in her 30s

• July 21 — a man in his 70s

• July 21 — a man in his 80s

• July 27 — a woman in her 70s

• July 29 — a woman in her 90s

• Aug. 26 — a woman in her 70s

• Aug. 27 — a woman in her 80s

• Sept. 1 — a woman in her 80s

• Sept. 3 — a man in his 60s

• Sept. 3 — a woman in her 80s

• Sept. 9 — a man in his 70s

• Sept. 10 — a man in his 60s

• Sept. 14 — a man in his 80s

• Nov. 6 — a woman in her 60s

• Nov. 27 — a woman in her 90s

• Nov. 27 — a woman in her 90s

• Nov. 30 — a man in his 40s

• Nov. 30 — a man in his 80s

• Nov. 30 — a woman in her 90s

By Tom Barr