Clean Up Clinton County initiative continues

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WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Land Bank expects the demolition of three properties located in Wilmington by the end of the year and several others throughout the county.

Assistant Clinton County Prosecutor Justin Dickman recently updated Clinton County commissioners on the work associated with the “Clean Up Clinton County” initiative.

The prosecutor’s office is anticipating transfers of four properties in the next few weeks to the Land Bank, and several more throughout the remainder of the year, reported Dickman.

Dickman also reported that the prosecutor’s office has worked with the county’s Building & Zoning Department to prioritize properties to pursue filing zoning violation complaints. Several owners of blighted properties who received warning letters have began cleaning those properties, he said.

The assistant prosecutor said there is a pending blighted property case currently in default at 932 Shull Road.

After a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure proceeding, the property located at 1946 U.S. Route 68 North was transferred to the Land Bank for renovations.

The property at 9131 Routes 22 and 3 has been cleaned up, and will have ODOT preparing modifications to remove an existing driveway that will improve safety, he said.

The prosecutor’s office assisted in acquiring five properties through the foreclosure process. Those properties are located at 900 Shull Road in Vernon Township, 114 Second Street in Port William, 354 Columbus Street in Wilmington, 129 Broadway in Midland, and 103 High Street in Midland.

Additionally, two quiet title actions have been filed on properties located at 9014 Routes 22 and 3, and at 6779 State Route 729 in order to obtain clean title on properties that will be sold to the public pursuant to Land Bank policy.

A new foreclosure case was filed against a property that is tax delinquent and burned down in Wilmington.

Submitted article