Blanchester Local Schools Supt. Lynch’s retirement letter

To: Blanchester Board of Education

From: Dean D. Lynch

Re: Resignation for Retirement

Date: January 4, 2021

Board of Education,

It is with anticipation that I tender my resignation as Superintendent of Blanchester Local Schools effective the end of my contractual duties, July 31, 2021. After 33 years of working in public schools, I’m retiring from public education. I’m making this announcement early so the Board of Education will have ample time to develop a transitional plan and conduct a thorough search for my replacement. I hope I am able to help the board and new superintendent make a smooth transition.

The number of talented people that I have been blessed to work alongside are too numerous to mention here individually. But, I want all those boards of education members, administrators, teachers, staff members, former colleagues and friends to know my success and climb to the superintendency has always been based on God using their advice, help, support and encouragement.

I want to publicly thank Keith Gibson, Joe Falgner, Claire Ledford, John Panetta and Jack Fisher who hired me as their Superintendent. Board President Chuck Shonkwiler for leading the board through some tumultuous months when doing the right thing wasn’t the popular thing to do. And, to the current school board, watching you grow and learn the duties and responsibilities of being a school board member is encouraging. And, finally to John Panetta, as senior member of the board of education, you have mentored the current school board members by example and not lording over them. It has been a pleasure to have worked with you these last eight years. You are an excellent school board member and a better individual.

I also want to acknowledge the handful of leaders who served on my Cabinet/District Leadership Team: Raechel Purdon, Kristin Unversaw, Emily Ledford, Linda Miller, Vanessa Swinderman, Barb Prater and Jeryl Weis. These people all hold tough jobs that require creativity to find solutions to problems that cannot be found in an educational manual or by some unrealistic guidance from the Ohio Department of Education or our legislators. Their leadership has endured some tough situations and making unpopular decisions. Superintendent’s surround themselves with people who are either managers or leaders, I can say without hesitation every one of these individuals are excellent leaders and very good people whom I greatly respect and have enjoyed working with on a daily basis. We have laughed and learned with each other many times, I thank them for their leadership and friendship.

It has been said, hindsight is 20/20 and when the end of my thirty-three-year career in public education arrives, as I look back over decades, God has blessed my career, especially my tenure as Superintendent with Blanchester Schools. The work as Superintendent has been challenging and one of the toughest positions I have held in education. Yet, it has also been, without question, the most enjoyable and rewarding of my career.

Finally, I want to give a special thanks to my Administrative Assistant, Lillian Flora, Accounts Payable, Charlotte Kratzer and former Treasurer, Darlene Kassner and for their guidance and support during my superintendency.

I will not miss the responsibilities of being the CEO of a school district, but I will miss the experiences and people (listed above) I’ve worked so close with.

Keep laughing and learning,

Dean D. Lynch

Superintendent, Blanchester Local Schools