Local vaccination info expected Wednesday

Where and how to be announced Wednesday

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks to the state Tuesday afternoon.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks to the state Tuesday afternoon.

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COLUMBUS — Information on where vaccinations will be available in Clinton County and how residents can receive them next week is expected to be announced Wednesday morning.

The state had recently asked for local Emergency Management Agencies, Health Districts, and providers to team up for this effort and to announce their local information either Wednesday or Thursday.

“We expect the process to look different depending on the provider,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said at his Tuesday afternoon briefing. “Some may hold walk-up clinics, others may take appointments. Each provider can decide what they believe works.”

He said those age 80 and up are approximately 420,000 Ohioans. “As of now, we expect to receive around 100,000 vaccines next week for this age group, so it will take some time to vaccinate this group,” DeWine said.

On Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health will also post vaccination information at http://coronavirus.ohio.gov regarding what providers are being allocated vaccinations for next week. Residents will be able to search by ZIP code and by county.

“This site will only show which providers have been allotted vaccines,” said DeWine. “It will not update in real-time. It is critical to reach out to each provider to get the latest information on the availability of their vaccine allotment.

“In the coming weeks, as more vaccination is made available and phase 1B opens to more Ohioans, more providers will be added. This will be based upon the number of vaccines that Ohio receives.”

DeWine added that, on Jan. 25, “We anticipate vaccinations will open up to those 75 years old and older. The following week, it should open to people 70 and older, and on February 8, the vaccinations are expected to be available to those 65 and older.” He cautioned that all vaccinations for each age group will not have been completed by those dates.

Also the week of the Jan. 25, vaccinations will be available to those with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders. “We will announce in the coming days how those individuals will be able to receive their vaccinations if they choose,” he said.

“As we move to get more and more of our seniors vaccinated, if you are a senior and having a problem, one of our key partners will be our Area Agencies on Aging,” said DeWine. “While the Area Agencies on Aging are not the ones putting shots in the arms, they are the ones to call if you are 65 and over and have questions about vaccines.

“Those questions could include concerns about the safety of the vaccine or how you can get to the provider in your area that is offering the vaccine. They will help answer your questions and connect you with the providers.”

He advised seniors with questions to visit http://aging.ohio.gov or call 1-866-243-5678.

“Our hospitals have been vaccinating their medical personnel as part of Phase 1A,” DeWine added. “Hospitals must finish vaccinating their frontline healthcare providers by midnight on Sunday. On Monday they must move to vaccinate older Ohioans who are 80 or older as part of phase 1B,” he added.

He also stated that 85 percent of nursing homes in Ohio “have been visited by vaccine providers and given the opportunity to receive the vaccine.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks to the state Tuesday afternoon.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2021/01/web1_Screenshot-164-.jpgOhio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks to the state Tuesday afternoon. The Ohio Channel
Where and how to be announced Wednesday

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