Clinton County real estate transfers

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This list of real estate transfers within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Erin McMurry to Connor J. and Chelsea L. Rioch, 551 North Walnut Street in Wilmington, $159,000.

Jeremy R. and Rebecca J. Ostler to Steven Richard and Kay Diane Hilligoss, 229 Walnut Glen Drive in Liberty Township, $347,500.

Douglas R. and Joyce E. Evenden to Thomas and Linda May, 68 Falcon Hill Way in Chester Township, $347,000.

Elizabeth Lueck to Larry Albert Trust, 1277 State Route 380 and another property on State Route 380 both in Adams Township, $315,000.

Kristopher R. and Erica Day to Travis Newbry and Ashley Nicole Bernard, 260 Dana Avenue in Wilmington, $150,000.

Alice H. Adae to Cynthia A. Adae, 421 State Route 251 and three other State Route 251 properties all in Jefferson Township, $152,000.

Clinton County Land Reutilization Corporation (local land bank) to Scott T. and Barbara Deemer, 187 Lynchburg Road in Jefferson Township, no sales amount. (In an agreement with the land bank, the Deemers, who are the next-door neighbors, demolished the dilapidated structure and removed numerous tires and junk cars from the corner lot, and were transferred the ownership of the property.)

Liston Family Revocable Living Trust to Amy M. and Kevin L. Ramsey, 80 Ely Avenue and two other Ely Avenue properties all in Sabina, no sales amount.

Robert W. and Cynthia K. Hamilton to Thomas W. Jones, 245 State Route 72 North in Richland Township, $255,000.

Consuela Richardson to Rodney L. and Susan A. Garrett, 8608 State Route 123 in Marion Township, $47,000.

Shirley Esther Haynie and Joyce Naomi Fisher and Matthew Scott Hakes to Charles Nicholas Stacy and Alan and Anna Mae Wilson, 1297 Ridge Road and another Ridge Road property both in Wilmington, $219,000.

Jacob A. Kunka to Adam L. and Hannah D. Dillion, 182 North Curry Road in Union Township, $222,800.

Carol Myers to Carol Myers, a Martinsville Road property in Washington Township, no sales amount.

JC Reese Jr. ½ interest and Myrna Reese ½ interest to James Douglas and Nicole L. McCarty, 1156 Warren Drive and three other Warren Drive properties all in Wilmington, $300,000.

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