Blan PD: Be aware parking in snow emergency

By Scott Reinbolt - Blanchester Chief of Police

BLANCHESTER — Residents are reminded that, in 2014, Blanchester Village Council adopted an ordinance regulating parking on certain streets during heavy snowfall.

The mayor has the authority to declare a “snow emergency” once snow accumulation reaches 2 inches, and by doing so declares parking on the following streets to be illegal and authorizes the police department to tow cars away:

• Main Street from Columbus to Lazenby

• Broadway Street from Burrough Street to Watkins Road

• All of Columbus, Center, Baldwin and Fancy Streets

Parking on these streets during a “snow emergency” is in violation of the ordinance, which is an unclassified misdemeanor offense.

The police department also has the authority to order any vehicle parked in violation of this ordinance towed away. If that should occur, the owner of the vehicle must pay the tow and storage fees due the tow operator before they can get their vehicle back.

Our citizens work hard for their money, and the last thing we want to do is cause someone to have to pay for towing and storage of their own car. Therefore, we hope everyone will make certain to move their cars if they are parked on one of the listed streets.

Although not required by the ordinance, police officers will take the time to knock on doors to ask people to move their cars prior to towing. PD

By Scott Reinbolt

Blanchester Chief of Police