Clinton County real estate transfers

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This list of recent real estate transfers within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Heather E. Darling to Hannah P. Colley, 501 East Locust Street in Wilmington, $82,500.

AKB Wilmington LLC to Wilmington FD LLC, 303 East Main Street and another Main Street property both in Wilmington, $975,000.

Dan Monsion to Diana Lynne Monsion, 798 Cherry Bend Road in Richland Township, $11,500.

Steve C. Slovak ½ interest and Megan Slovak ½ interest to Aaron J. and Marcie P. Rovan, 22 Rita Place in Wilmington, $180,000.

Simeon P. and Elizabeth A. Copple Land Trust to Elizabeth A. Copple, 245 Locust Street in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Elizabeth A. Copple to Elizabeth A. Copple LT, 3742 State Route 73 West in Union Township, no sales amount.

Donald R. Hughes to Donald R. and Theresa A. Hughes, 1094 Mitchell Road and another Mitchell Road property both in Union Township, no sales amount.

Gregory A. and Kimberly A. Law to Grant E. Briscoe, 487 North South Street in Wilmington, $161,000.

Barbara H. Freeze to Richard L. and Patricia A. Burkett, 1159 Country Oaks Lane in Wilmington, $205,000.

Keith Hurlburt to David C. Hurlburt, 1040 Ogden Road and three other Ogden Road properties all in Adams Township, $135,700.

Thomas J. and Deborah K. Drake to Deborah K. Drake, 710 Bernice Street in Wilmington, no sales amount.

Robert D. Johnson Jr. to James S. Smith, 3589 State Route 729 in Wayne Township, $12,500.

Stephen A. and Lynn A. Cody to Lynn A. Cody, 691 Sprague Road in Vernon Township, no sales amount.

Betty M. Spiller to Robert J. Miller, 204 Main Street in Clarksville, $39,900.

Carl Gross to Jesse Gross, 49 New Burlington Road and two other New Burlington Road properties as well as two U.S. Route 68 North properties all in Liberty Township, $212,500.

Melanie Bryant to Joshua and Mackenzee L. Blevins, 754 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $126,000.

Robert M. McLaughlin ½ interest and Carol F. McLaughlin ½ interest to Susan A. Welker, 200 Leonard Drive and another Leonard Drive property both in Blanchester, $285,000.

Chowning Family Revocable Living Trust along with Earl J. and Wanda Chowning to Melissa A. Eury to Earl J. and Wanda L. Chowning, 8746 State Route 123, four other State Route 123 properties and a Shawnee Trace Road property all in Marion Township, no sales amount.

Bethany M. Teynor to William W. Jr. and Barbara S. Spaller, Haley Road in Wilson Township, $80,000.

Lundy FRLTA to Flyboy Investments LLC, 274 Darbyshire Drive in Wilmington, $101,000.

Philip D. Butler to William E. and Gayle A. Miller, 1583 Lakewood Drive in Wilmington, $112,000.

David C. and Melissa H. Reeder to Kimberly Anne and Matthew Carter Shearer, 706 Crestview Avenue in Wilmington, $169,900.

Paul G. Taylor to Jayne Ann Keys ½ interest and Janet Lee Hansen ½ interest, 4393 Gurneyville Road and seven Hackney Road properties all in Chester Township, no sales amount.

Rebecca M. Martin and John W. Nelson to John W. Nelson, 393 Grant Street and another Grant Street property, a Doan Street property, 262 South Walnut Street, and 272 South Walnut Street all in Wilmington, no sales amount.

John T. and Theresa M. Chmidling to Nicholas Chmidling and Nichole Mathews, a Clarksville Road property in Adams Township and a Clarksville Road property in Vernon Township, no sales amount.

Katrina R. Ewald to Bryan Timpe, 479 North Spring Street in Wilmington, $111,000.

Frederick A. Seeger, Kenneth W. Seeger, Carol A. Seeger-Ilg, and Keith E. Seeger to Jamie Gennerral Johnson, a State Route 73 property in Green Township, $279,900.

Fred D. and Tammy S. Prewitt to Rodney D. and Lana J. Smith, 25 Raycon Drive in Union Township, $228,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Loren Real Estate LLC, 112 Kimlor Lane in Washington Township and another Kimlor Lane property this one in Vernon Township, $53,100.

Robert B. and Debra K. Mitchell to Richard Joseph and Nancy R. Gochoel, 936 Hiatt Road in Adams Township, $305,000.

Janet Gick Matrka and Thomas P. Matrka to Hunter Ray Perrine, 1833 Hillcrest Avenue in Union Township, $167,000.

Shane Jeffers to John M. Hatfield Jr., 5425 Maple Grove Avenue in Blanchester, $137,500.

Shawan L. Williams to Tina Gomez, 341 Burdel Drive in Wilmington, $109,000.

Deborah K. Drake to Freedom Flag Properties LLC, 710 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $49,900.

Richard and Kaye E. Sanderson to George Ashley and Holly Anne Kelly, U.S. Route 68 property in Liberty Township, $80,000.

Betty M. Day to James and Kathleen Frazier, 1628 Hale Road, 1732 Hale Road and 1744 Hale Road all in Adams Township, $303,000.

4477 State Route 73 Land Trust to Shadrach and Heather Joy Brausch, 4477 State Route 73 West and another State Route 73 property both in Chester Township, $195,000.

Rita J. and John W. Howell to Abigail R. and Evan Keller, 4403 New Burlington Road in Chester Township, $210,000.

Linda Hardwick-Guthrie to Ryan M. and Barbara M. Rush, 1186 Port William Road in Liberty Township, $170,000.

Adelia A. Woten to Timothy S. Motko, 1204 Hormell Road in Chester Township, $120,000.

Timothy S. Motko to Timothy S. and Catherine S. Motko, 1204 Hormell Road in Chester Township, no sales amount.

U.S. Bank National Association to James Wendell and Sandy Lynn Conley, 60 South Orchard Circle in Blanchester, $2,501.

Robert M. Morgan to Horsin Around Property Management LLC, 502 East Center Street and a Columbus Street property both in Blanchester, $60,000.

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