Clinton County sheriff: Locals can partner in fighting crime

News Journal

Clinton County Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer Jr. has issued an appeal to citizens in the fight against crime.

Fizer announced on Tuesday that Clinton County citizens are invited to become Associate Members of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association (BSSA).

He stated that an increasing number of people want to assist law enforcement officials and build a strong partnership in the fight against crime.

Membership letters go out in the mail shortly. Individuals choosing to join the BSSA program can do so for as little as a $20 contribution. The funding provides critically important technical resources, training, and legislative support on key criminal justice issues.

“The funding is vital to help us carry out our mission of making Clinton County a safer place to live, work and play,” stated Fizer in a news release.

If someone would like more information or does not receive a membership and would like to join, one can do so by contacting the BSSA at 1103 Schrock Road, Ste. 401, Columbus, OH 43229-9936; by calling them at 1-800-589-2772; or going online at

Members will receive a 2021 membership card, a bumper sticker and a window decal for their car, and the publication “The Buckeye Sheriff.”

“I have taken an oath to uphold the laws of Ohio, to preserve the peace and protect the lives and property of the citizens in Clinton County,” said Fizer. “One sheriff cannot bring about all the needed changes in the state policies — it take a statewide organization like the BSSA to accomplish these things.”

Fizer also wishes to to remind citizens that the BSSA does not contact you by phone — only by mail or online.

News Journal