Report: Steed assaulted at convenience store

Staff report

WILMINGTON — Business owner and Clinton County Commissioner Kerry Steed, 44, was allegedly assaulted at United Dairy Farmers on July 3.

A video of the incident, detailed in a Wilmington Police Department report, shows a man believed to be Salvador Gonzales, 32, exiting a car, approaching Steed and appearing to strike him several times. Bystanders can be seen breaking up the fight in the video, according to the report.

According to the report, Steed said he was neither hit nor injured and that Gonzales calmed down when asked. Gonzales, in interviews with police, said he punched Steed in the face three or four times.

Police investigated the incident, speaking with Steed and Gonzales and a member of Gonzales’ family. Gonzales and the family member indicated Gonzales had a personal issue with Steed.

The report said Steed told the police he had fired Gonzales’ girlfriend or fiancé at an earlier date. Steed also stated he did not want to press charges.

Although Steed did not want charges pressed, police warned Gonzales against similar behavior.

Staff report