$300 weekly unemployment supplements ending Saturday

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is reminding Ohioans that the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program will end in Ohio on Saturday, June 26. This federal program has provided an additional $300 a week to all eligible claimants receiving unemployment benefits.

“As Governor DeWine has said, when this program was put in place, it was a lifeline for many Americans at a time when a vaccine wasn’t available and jobs were scarce,” said Interim Director Matt Damschroder. “This is no longer the case as we now have an abundant supply of vaccines and plenty of available jobs.”

The federal Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation (MEUC) program, a companion to FPUC under federal law, will also end in Ohio on June 26.

MEUC provides a supplemental benefit of $100 per week for eligible traditional unemployment claimants who also earned at least $5,000 in self-employment wages during the taxable year immediately before their approved unemployment application.

ODJFS will continue to pay FPUC and MEUC on all eligible claims for weeks up to and including June 26, including pending claims and those under appeal.

The agency also encourages anyone looking for work in Ohio to visit OhioMeansJobs.com or contact their local OhioMeansJobs center to find and apply for job openings, take skill and career interest assessments, create or improve their resumes, and practice interviewing.

Employers can contact their nearest OhioMeansJobs center to get help finding skilled candidates for jobs, screening resumes, learning about federally funded tax credits or training programs, and more.

To find contact information for your nearest OhioMeansJobs center, visit OhioMeansJobs.com and select “FIND A JOB CENTER” at the bottom of the page.


Submitted article