Kids & Company’s ‘Disney’s Frozen JR.’ a hot ticket

Addy Probasco as Elsa sings “Let It Go.”

Addy Probasco as Elsa sings “Let It Go.”

WILMINGTON — Clinton County Kids & Company opened its 28th season over the weekend presenting “Disney’s Frozen JR.” — featuring over 40 local children and teens — at the Wilmington High School Auditoria.

Tickets were limited to cast and crew members.

Director was Ken Lydy with Tara Lydy costume designer, Ally Wellman choreographer and Gina Beck vocal coach, with the production overseen by Kids & Company Managing Director Lois Hock.

Cast members included Alex Vail, Sam Schmidt, Addy Probasco, Kayleigh Cox, Carly McCoy, Emerson Sheldon, Lex Frye, Lindsay Lydy, Bo Frye, Regan Sparks, Katie Murphy, Max McCoy, Gunner Sheldon, Lilly Thirey, Naomi Quigley, Emily Andrews, Ava Nicely, Holden Wulff, Ivy Engle, Samantha VanPelt, Aubrey Cox, Barrett Wulff, Audrey McKay, Hailey Pugh, Lynn Rogers, Johnny Delowder, Melea Beam, Justin Delowder, Sara Weller, Aubre Weller, Natalie Johnson, Andrew Jones, Grace Vance, Vanessa Calderone, Veronica Calderone, Caroline Johnson, Taylor Killen, Abby Short, Kolten Ellis, Stella Short, Kara Ellis, and Gwinnie Johnson.

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Photos by Kat KcKay

Addy Probasco as Elsa sings “Let It Go.” Probasco as Elsa sings “Let It Go.” McKay photos