Murphy Advertising: Promoting, growing your business or organization

WILMINGTON — Ranging from all types of promotional apparel and items — and even medical supplies the past year or so — the client’s story and helping them overcome obstacles are top priorities for Murphy Advertising Co.

Owner Jeff Murphy has been maintaining that business stance since he took over the business from his mother, Jo Ann Murphy, 22 years ago.

He said Murphy Advertising Co. produces products including decorated apparel, calendars, and promotional products. Resources for the production come from HALO Branded Solutions, one of the largest promotional product companies.

“We come up with the design for the customers, which works in different directions — sometimes it’s in the message, sometimes people will have a product in mind and we’ll incorporate that. It might be a logo, the colors of the business, however, it relates to how it tells a story,” said Murphy. “Every business and non-profit is different. What sets you apart is how we look at it,”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic making things a little different, Murphy said 2020 was a successful year for him and HALO. Most of their focus went to medical supplies including facemasks and hand sanitizer.

“What’s interesting in dealing with something medical — which is touchy for some people — is making sure hand sanitizers were compliant. We had to make sure they were not only certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but also up-to-date with certification and testing,” he said.

HALO is “very stringent” on safety and regulations, and products along those lines have to meet social compliance guidelines as well.

“Some businesses kind of stopped since they didn’t know what was going to happen,” he said. “As things open up again, there’s a shortage of apparel. The apparel industry is going to take a while to get back to normal since so much material was used for making facemasks.”

Despite that, Murphy and HALO have been able to have a good year with apparel, too. This is mostly because Amazon is one of HALO’s top customers, there is a lot of delivery people out there wearing HALO apparel.

As for the future, he advised, “It’s really a lot of the same” they’ll be dealing with again, but with an emphasis on technology, too.

“As things are opening up and people are wanting to move on, technology is probably one of the big things HALO has invested deeply into. This includes online programs, stores, and shipping on-demand. Technology is a driving force for how things get done,” he said.

No matter who the client is or what product they make, the main goal of Murphy Advertising Co. is to help the client with any and all struggles and helping overcome them.

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Also, any company or non-profit is encouraged to request a “brainstorming packet” which Murphy can mail or drop off to help start any project.