Outdoor interfaith praise & worship gathering here Sunday

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WILMINGTON — In a time when divisiveness seems to be creeping into almost every aspect of our daily lives and turmoil is the order-of-the-day, there is one loving and unifying force where we can turn to in this crazy mixed-up world — God. And there are people here who follow God’s teachings of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony.

Two of His followers in this community, Pastor Dale McCamish and Ms. Karen Isaac, have decided to stop talking about the need for unity and do something about it. They are on a mission to bring members of the community together, regardless of race, religion, color, creed or national origin.

All are welcome and invited to bring your lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy the music, the true-life testimonials of God’s love, the hope and peace God promises in His Holy Word and, most of all, fellowship.

Pastor Dale will be hosting this outdoor gathering beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday, July 11 at the Wilmington Church of Christ parking lot at 909 W.Locust St.

God made us all in His image and it is time His people started sharing their commonalities and stopped scrutinizing each other’s differences. So, to that end, this invitation is extended to everyone and anyone — believers, non-believers, regular church goers, and occasional church goers — who would like to see our community become a beacon of hope for other communities that are seeking calm in a sea of unrest.

There will be complimentary water and snacks available on the grounds.

Submitted article