Wilmington man stabbing victim

Staff report

WILMINGTON – A Wilmington man was stabbed July 13 as he was leaving the Clinton County Fair.

The victim, Arntanaro Nelson, 29, was leaving the fair through the fairgrounds’ back lot around 7 p.m. when two men confronted him, according to a report of investigation written by Clinton County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Smith. Nelson said he believed the men were going to fight him so he got into a fighting stance, which is when he was stabbed, Smith wrote.

Nelson said he did not know who stabbed him and he did not know how he ended up at the hospital because he passed out, Smith wrote.

The wound was 3 to 5 inches wide and some of Nelson’s intestine came out of the wound, a nurse told Smith. The intestine had also been cut during the stabbing, Smith stated.

Nelson was released from the Clinton Memorial Hospital the next day.

The investigation is ongoing.

Staff report