2021 Clinton County Junior Fair results

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Below are judging results for the 2021 Clinton County Fair Junior Fair received to date from the OSU Extension Clinton County office.


Clothes for High School & College – 1st Madison Brausch, Outerware for Anywhere Advance – 1sta Jenna Allemang. Loungewear – 1st Courtney Parker, Sew Fun – 1st Kiley Murphy, 2nd Kathryn Villa, 3rd Alyssa Pitzer.

Ready, Set, Sew Active- 1st Kensey Parker. Shopping Savvy – 1st Addison Swope, 2nd Mikala Hatfield. Sew it with Wool – 1st Jenna Allemang.


Corn (gallon) -1st Mitchell Ellis 2nd Wade Smith. Corn (3stalks) – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Owen Smith. Hay (mixed)

1st Wade Smith, 2nd Shane Louderback, 3rd Elliot Pell. Soybeans (gallon) 1st Mitchell Ellis 2nd Courtney Parker, 3rd Zach Vest, 4th Ebon Louderback. Soybeans (5 stalks) – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Owen Smith, 3rd Ebon Louderback. Specialty Crop – 1st Elliott Pell. Wheat (Gallon) – 1st Courtney Parker. Overall Crop – Wade Smith (stalk corn). Crop Production Self Determined – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Mitchell Ellis, 3rd Elliot Pell, 4th Owen Smith.


Take a Break – 1st Alexis Murphy, 2nd Lilly Pinkerton, 3rd Mileigh Hollingsworth, 4th Cali Mossbarger. Everyday Food & Fitness (Beginner) 1st Jillian Zeigler, 2nd Aiden Lynch. Snack Attack (Beginner) – 1st Aubrey Huelskamp, 2nd Stanley Chesney. Let’s Start Cooking (Beginner) 1st Graelynn Boggs, 2nd Allyson George, 3rd Aubrey Huelskamp, 4th Kathryn Villa, 5th Dalton Hilderbrandt. Grill Master (Intermediate)– 1st Ethan Roberts. Let’s Bake Quick Breads (Intermediate) – 1st Mia Hollingsworth, 2nd Addison Swope, 3rd Jennifer Anderson. Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals (Intermediate) – 1st Owen Koch. Party Planner 4-H Guide to Awesome Meals(intermediate) 1st Lexi Arehart McBrayer. Yeast Breads on the Rise (Advance) – 1st Michael Shobe, 2nd Carolyn Koch. Overall Foods Beginner – Lilly Pinkerton. Overall Foods (Intermediate) – Lexi Arehart McBrayer. Cooking with Pork – 1st Alexis Murphy, 2nd Cali Mossbarger. Locally Grown Foods, Sponsored by Settlemeyre Seed Co. – 1st Carolyn Koch. Locally Grown Foods, Sponsored by Ann Foxworthy – 2nd place Lexi Arehart McBrayer. Best of Food Presentation, rosette provided by Clinton County FCS Committee- Jillian Zeigler. Best of Knowledge, rosette provided by Clinton County FCS Committee – Michael Shobe. Best of Menu, rosette provided by Clinton County FCS Committee – Mia Hollingsworth. Best of Table Setting, rosette provided by Clinton County FCS Committee – Lily Pinkerton.


How Does Your Garden Grow- 1st Lilly Pinkerton, 2nd Maya Ann Murphy. Grow Your Own Vegetables – 1st Warren Murphy, 2nd Hayden Franek, 3rd Lola Dallas, 4th. Growing With the Seasons – 1st Warren Murphy. Canning & Freezing – 1st Maya Ann Murphy. Overall Gardening – Warren Murphy.


Ohio Birds – 1st Carolyn Koch, 2nd Jackson Meisterhans, 3rd Aidan Lynch. Beekeeping – 1st Austin Terrell. Exploring Polar Science – 1st Owen Koch. Let’s Explore the Outdoors I (Beginner) – 1st Robbi McBrayer,

2nd Dalton Hilderbrandt. Outdoor Adventure -Beginning Fishing – 1st Ethan Villa. Safe Use of Guns – 1st Hunter Holbert, 2nd Jillian Zeigler, 3rd Drew Davenport, 4th Scott Kirk. Insect Adventure 1 – 1st Owen Koch. Natural Resources Overall, trophy provided by Bee Wild Honey Farm – Carolyn Koch.


Measuring Up Junior 8-13 yrs old – 1st Roy Riddle, 2nd Drew Davenport, 3rd Bethany Bazemore, 4th Stanley Chesney, 5th Austin Terrell, 6th Dalton Hildrebrandt, 7th Lane Carson. Making the Cut Junior 8-13 yrs old – 1st Alayna Davenport, 2nd Cory Kidd, 3rd Owen Koch, 4th Grady Boggs, 5th Michael Carson. Making the Cut Senior 14 yrs and over – 1st Cody Crawford, 2nd Cody Kidd. Nailing it Together Senior (14 yrs. and over) – 1st Rebekah Davenport, 2nd Logan Miller, 3rd Justin Beekman. Woodworking Master Advanced Self Determined – 1st Jacob Ritchey, 2nd Breckin Harner. Overall Champion – Rebekah Davenport.


Robotic – 1st Kyler Cummings. Rockets Away (Beginner) 1st Joshua Greeson. Knots – 1st Owen Koch. Tractor 1 Starting Up Getting to Know Your Tractor Level A Beginner – 1st Warren Murphy. Stem Overall, Medallion provided by Bee Wild Honey Farm Senior Award Welding – Kaleb Hughes, Junior Award Robotics- Kyler Cummings. WELDING – Arcs and Sparks Junior – 1st Jacob George. Arcs and Sparks Senior – 1st Kaleb Hughes. State Fair for Welding – Kaleb Hughes and Jacob George.

First Aid – 1st Dalton Hilderbrandt.


Beginner Junior – 1st Bethany Bazemore, 2nd Laney Earley, 3rd Abygail Vance, 4th Azarae Allen. Intermediate Junior – 1st Audrey Wilson, 2nd Tessa Potts. Overall Cake Decorating Junior – Audrey Wilson.

Beginner Senior – 1st Tori Potts. Intermediate Senior – 1st Olivia Potts, 2nd Aubrie Panetta.

Advanced Senior – 1st Flora Franek. Overall Cake Decorating Senior – Flora Franek.


Photography Basic Level 1 – 1st Alexxys Miller, 2nd Marli Pirman. Next Level Photography 2 – 1st Abbey Steed, 2nd Rianna Mueller, 3rd Savanah McAdams.


Creative Arts Senior, sponsored by Georgann Quallen – 1st Hayley Lane, 2nd Rianna Mueller, tied 3rd Jackson Denter & Breckin Harner. Honorable Mention – Tony Wilens-Mabry.

Seeing Through Graphin Design, sponsored by Smith Feike Minton – 1st William Wheeling

Scrapbooking, sponsored by Settlymyer Seed Co. – Scrapbooking Sr. – 1st Hayley Lane, 2nd Hannah Gerard.

Scrapbooking Jr. – 1st Maya Ann Murphy.


Sunday July 11th


Class 1 Wether ages 6-9 months – 1st Chloe Chambliss, 2nd Mallory Thomason. Class 3 Wether ages 12-18 months – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Mackenzie Osborne, 3rd Aubrey Huelskamp, 4th Kiley Murphy. Class 4 Wether ages 18-24 months – 1st Makayla Thomason. Overall Junior Pygmy Wether – Makayla Thomason. Reserve Overall Junior Pygmy Wether – Mallory Thomason. Class 5 Wether ages 2 years and under 3 years – 1st Nikita White, 2nd Chloe Chambliss, 3rd Brian White, 4th Mallory Thomason, 5th Alayna Davenport. Class 6 Wether ages 3 years and under 4 years – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Makayla Thomason, 3rd Lydia Siler, 4th Alexis Murphy. Class 7 Wether 4 years and older – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Emily Siler, 3rd Rebekah Davenport, 4th Cheyenne Strider, 5th Nikita White. Overall Senior Pygmy Wether – Maykala Thomason. Reserve Overall Senior Pygmy Wether – Nikita White. Grand Champion Pygmy Wether – Makayla Thomason. Reserve Champion Pygmy Wether – Makayla Thomason. Class 8 – Does ages 3-6 months – 1st Emily Siler, 2nd Lydia Siler, 3rd Makayla Thomason, 4th Mallory Thomason, 5th Chloe Chambliss. Class 10 – Doe ages 9-12 months – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Emily Siler. Class 11 Doe ages 12-18 months – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Lydia Siler. Class 12 De ages 18-24 months – 1st Lydia Siler. Overall Junior Pygmy Doe – Makayla Thomason. Reserve Overall Junior Pygmy Doe – Lydia Siler. Class 13 Does ages 2 years and under 3 years – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Drew Davenport, 3rd Mallory Thomason. Class 14 Doe ages 3 years and under 4 years – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Nikita White. Class 15 Doe ages 4 years and older – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Makayla Thomason, 3rd Emily Siler, 4th Alexis Murphy. Overall Senior Pygmy Doe – Makayla Thomason. Reserve Overall Senior Pygmy Doe – Mallory Thomason. Grand Champion Pygmy Doe – Makayla Thomason. Reserve Champion Pygmy Doe – Makayla Thomason. Class 16 Mother/Kidd – 1st Makayla Thomason.


Senior Division ages 14-18 – 1st Makayla Thomason, 2nd Nikita White, 3rd Emily Siler, 4th Mackenzie Osborne, 5th Cheyenne Strider, 6th Rebekah Davenport. Senior Division Pygmy Goat Showman – Makayla Thomason. Intermediate Division Ages 12-13 – 1st Lydia Siler, 2nd Alayna Davenport. Intermediate Division Pygmy Goat Showman- Lydia Siler. Junior Division – ages 10-11 – 1st Mallory Thomason, 2nd Alexis Murphy, 3rd Chloe Chambliss, 4th Drew Davenport. Junior Division Pygmy Goat Showman – Mallory Thomason. Beginner Division – ages 8-9 – 1st Aubrey Huelskamp, 2nd Kiley Murphy. Beginner Division Pygmy Goat Showman – Aubrey Huelskamp. 2021 Pygmy Goat Showman of showmen – Makayla Thomason. 2021 Senior Outstanding Pygmy Goat Exhibitor – Nikita White. 2021 Junior Outstanding Pygmy Goat Exhibitor – Mallory Thomason.

Goat Breeding


Class I Aged Milker (4 years and older) 1st Caili Baumann, 2nd Jacob Ritchey, 3rd Levi Begley, 4th Mackenzie Osborne. Class 2 – Senior Milker (3 years old and under 4 years old) 1st Levi Begley, 2nd Owen Begley, 3rd Hope Brelsford, 4th Jacob Ritchey, 5th Ian Danku. Class 3 Milker (2 years old and under 3 years old) 1st Caili Baumann, 2nd Lily Brelsford, 3rd Jacob Ritchey. Class 4 Yearling Milker (under 2 years, freshened) 1st-Caili Baumann, 2nd Mackenzie Strong. Class 5 Dry Yearling Doe(under 2 years old, dry, never kidded) 1st Jacob Ritchey, 2nd Mackenzie Osborne. Class 6 Senior Kid Doe (born in January and February of current year) –

1st Mackenzie Strong, 2nd Caili Baumann, 3rd Hailey Phelps, 4th Aubrey Davis, 5th Chloe Chambliss. Class 7 Intermediate Kid Doe (born in March of current year) – 1st Aubrey Davis, 2nd Hailey Phelps, 3rd Mackenzie Strong. Class 8 Junior Kid Doe (born April of current year) – 1st Mackenzie Strong. Grand champion dairy goat – Levi Begley. Reserve Champion Dairy Goat – Caili Baumann.

Class 9 – Dairy Goat Dam & Daughter – 1st Levi Begley, 2nd Mackenzie Strong, 3rd Caili Baumann, 4th Jacob Ritchey.


Class 1 Doe Kid 3-6 months old – 1st Logan Fugate, 2nd Taylor Baker, 3rd Shaleigh Duncan, 4th Mikala Hatfield, 5th McKinzey DeBord. Class 2 Doe Kid 3-6 months old – 1st John Michael Streety, 2nd Brian White, 3rd Nikita White, 4th Taylor Colwell, 5th Cory Kidd. Class 3 Doe Kid 6-9 months old – 1st Logan Fugate, 2nd Riley Binkley, 3rd Kinsley Brinkley, 4th Chloe Crumbley, 5th Taylor Colwell, 6th Gregary Achtermann. Class 4 Doe Kid 6-9 months old – 1st Jaden Snyder, 2nd Taylor Mason, 3rd Kaiden Smith, 4th Michael Streety, 5th Nikita White, 6th Madison Taylor. Overall Doe Kid Division – Jaden Snyder. Reserve Champion Doe Kid – Michael Streety.

Class 5 – Intermediate Doe 12-16 months old. – 1st Taylor Baker, 2nd Mackenzie Strong, 3rd Chloe Crumbley, 4th Brian White, 5th Candace Rappach, 6th Nikita White. Class 6 – Intermediate Doe 16-20 months old – 1st Madison Harris, 2nd Anastasia Newberry, 3rd Taylor Colwell, 4th Carson Barton, 5th Taylor Baker, 6th Mackenzie Strong. Class 7 – Intermediate Doe 20-24 months old – 1st Carson Barton, 2nd Chloe Crumbley, 3rd Cory Kidd, 4th Aiden Price, 5th Brooklyn Niemeyer. Overall Intermediate Doe Division – Champion Intermediate Doe Division – Taylor Baker. Reserve Champion Intermediate Doe – Carson Barton. Class 8 – Senior Doe 24-36 months old – 1st Nikita White, 2nd Brian White, 3rd Tyler Curry, 4th Katie Curry, 5th Mikala Hatfield, 6th Kaiden Smith. Class 9 – Senior Doe 36 plus months old – 1st Katie Curry, 2nd Nikita White, 3rd Taylor Colwell, 4th Taylor Baker, 5th Cody Kidd, 6th McKinzey DeBord. Overall Senior Doe Division – Champion Senior Doe – Nikita White. Reserve Champion Senior Doe – Katie Curry. GRAND CHAMPION MEAT PRODUCTION DOE – Nikita White. RESERVE CHAMPION MEAT PRODUCTION DOE – Jaden Snyder. Class 10 – Meat Production Doe Dam & Daughter. Class 10 Meat Production Doe Dam & Daughter – 1st Brian White, 2nd Taylor Colwell, 3rd Trey Brewer, 4th Nikita White, 5th Taylor Baker, 6th Mikala Hatfield.


Senior Division

Class 1 – Age 18 1st Mackenzie Osborne, 2nd Jacob Ritchey, 3rd Chloe Crumbley. Class 2 Age 17 – 1st Caili Baumann, 2nd Mikala Hatfield, 3rd Anastasia Newberry. Class 3 – Age 16 – 1st Cody Kidd, 2nd Taylor Colwell, 3rd Shaleigh Duncan. Class 4 Age 15 – 1st Jaden Snyder, 2nd Kimberly Hurst, 3rd Brooklyn Niemeyer, 4th Michael Streety. Class 5 Age 14 – 1st Nikita White, 2nd Taylor Baker, 3rd McKinzey DeBord, 4th Katie Curry, 5th Logan Fugate. INTERMEDIATE DIVISION – Class 6 Age 13 1st Madison Harris, 2nd Taylor Mason 3rd Taylor Madison. Class 7 Age 12 – 1st Isabelle Coates, 2nd Henry Carson, 3rd Tyler Curry, 4th Ian Danku. INTERMEDIATE DIVISION BREEDING GOAT SHOWMAN – Isabelle Coates.

Junior Division

Class 8 Age 11 – 1st Cory Kidd, 2nd Aisley Czaika, 3rd Kaiden Smith, 4th Brian White, 5th Riley Binkley, 6th Ainsley Vance. Class 9 Age 10 – 1st Aubrey Davis, 2nd Carson Barton, 3rd Kimber Seaman, 4th Chloe Chambliss, 5th Jackson Meisterhans. Junior Division Breeding Goat Showman – Cory Kidd. Beginner Division Breeding Goat Showman – Mackenzie Strong. 2021 Breeding Goat Showman of Showmen – Jaden Snyder. 2021 Senior Outstanding Breeding Goat Exhibitor – Nikita White. 2021 Junior Outstanding Breeding Goat Exhibitor – Carson Barton.


December Duroc – 1st Reese DeBold, 2nd Devon Snyder, 3rd McKinzey DeBord. January Duroc – 1st Gracee Stewart, 2nd Alli Strong (shown by Ava Strong). February Duroc – 1st Preston Dixon. Champion Duroc – Gracee Stewart. Reserve Duroc – Reese DeBold. January Hampshire – 1st Owen Smith, 2nd Luke Johnson, 3rd Brylie Frommling. February Hampshire – 1st Haley Schneder. Champion Hampshire – Owen Smith, Reserve Hampshire – Haley Schneder. January York – 1st Brody Fisher, 2nd Kegan Smthson, 3rd Emma Riddle, 4th Danika Gudorf, 5th Preston Dixon. February York – 1st Mitchell Bean. Champion York – Brody Fisher. Reserve York – Kegan Smithson. January Spot – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Madison Abt, 3rd Bentley Buckley. Champion Spot – Wade Smith. Reserve Spot – Madison Abt. December Poland and Champion– 1st Jaden Snyder. December Chester – 1st Luke Johnson. January Chester – 1st Jessee Stewart. Champion Chester – Luke Johnson. Reserve Chester – Jessee Stewart. December Landrace – 1st Jessee Stewart. February Landrace – 1st Kyle Bryant. Champion Landrace – Jessee Stewart. Reserve Landrace – Kyle Bryant. December Hereford – 1st Wade Smith. January Hereford – 1st Owen Smith, 2nd McKinzey DeBord. Champion Hereford – Wade Smith. Reserve Hereford – Owen Smith. December Berkshire – 1st Cali Mossbarger. January Berkshire – 1st Luke Johnson, 2nd Cali Mossbarger. February Berkshire- 1st Emma Riddle, 2nd Parker Dixon. Champion Berkshire – Cali Mossbarger. Reserve Berkshire – Luke Johnson. February Tamworth – 1st and Champion Tamworth – Owen Smith. December Crossbred – 1st Samantha Woodruff, 2nd Audrey Wilson, 3rd Brody Fisher, 4th Kegan Smithson, 5th Kale Boeckman. January Crossbred – 1st Luke Johnson, 2nd Haley Schneder, 3rd Audrey Wilson, 4th Samantha Woodruff, 5th Kegan Smithson, 6th Danika Gudorf. February Crossbred – 1st Maggie Mathews, 2nd Maison Abt, 3rd Wade Smith, 4th Kegan Smithson, 5th Claire Wilson. Crossbred Champion – Maggie Mathews. Reserve Champion – Samantha Woodruff. Grand Champion Overall Breeding Gilt – Maggie Mathews. Reserve Champion Overall Breeding Gilt – Gracee Stewart. Third Place Overall – Samantha Woodruff. Fourth Place Overall – Jessee Stewart. 5th Place Overall – Reese DeBold. 6th Place Overall – Luke Johnson.

Senior Showmanship – 1st Brody Fisher, 2nd Jessee Stewart, 3rd Gracee Stewart, 4th Haley Schneder, 5th Madison Abt, 6th Jaden Snyder. Overall Senior – Brody Fisher. Junior Showmanship – 1st Wade Smith, 2nd Claire Wilson, 3rd Reese DeBold, 4th Audrey Wilson, 5th Samantha Woodruff. Overall Junior – Wade Smith.

Sunday, Style Revue Results

Beginner Projects

Sew Fun, award donated by David Hackney Family, 1st Kiley Murphy, 2nd Kathryn Villa, 3rd Alyssa Pitzer.

Intermediate Projects

Shopping Savvy, award donated by Fayette Vet Hospital, 1st Addison Swope, 2nd Mikayla Hatfield.

Ready, Set, Sew Active, award donated by Clinton County Pork Council Women – 1st Kenzie Parker.

Loungewear, award sponsored by Len Dickerson, Kramer-Myers Insurance – 1st Courtney Parker.

Advance Projects

Clothes for High School & College, award donated by Rick’s Hometown TV and Appliance – 1st Madison Brausch.

Outerwear for Anywhere, award sponsored by the Klingensmith Family – 1st Jenna Allemang


Beginner – Kiley Murphy. Intermediate – Kensey Parker. Advance – Courtney Parker.

Seven Clues

Construction – Courtney Parker. Design – Kensey Parker. Fashion – Addison Swope. Fit –Jenna Allemang. Grooming – Kiley Murphy. Personable Qualities – Madison Brausch. Posture & Poise – Alyssa Pitzer.

Sewing with Wool, award sponsored by Clinton County Lamb & Fleece, – Jenna Allemang. Best Clothing Overall, blanket donated by Ann Foxworthy – Jenna Allemang.

State Fair Nominations: Rising Star – Kiley Murphy. Jr. Master Clothing Educator Nominee – Jenna Allemang. Sr. Master Clothing Educator Nominee- Courtney Parker. 4-H Fashion Board Applicant – Jenna Allemang. Ohio 4-H Fashion Revue Award – Jenna Allemang.


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