Oct. 5 Westheimer Peace Symposium to offer means to ‘Build a Just World’

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WILMINGTON — The date and program are set as the 31st annual Westheimer Peace Symposium will delve into the relationship between nonviolence and social change through a day-long dialogue Oct. 5 at Wilmington College.

The event, which is expected to be in-person on campus, is titled “Build a Just World: A Toolbox for Nonviolent Social Change.” George Lakey, a pioneering Quaker sociologist and peace activist and, Amaha Sellassie, a Dayton-area sociologist and social justice activist, will present the day’s sessions, both individually and collectively.

The symposium’s programming will culminate with a concert related to social change and nonviolence featuring the country and bluegrass acts The Tillers and Possessed by Paul James .

Also, in gearing up for the symposium, the Meriam R. Hare Quaker Heritage Center at WC will present a gallery exhibit highlighting the life testimony to nonviolence, peace and social justice embodied by the late Professor Emeritus Larry Gara.

The exhibit opens Sept. 21.


Submitted article