Wilmington Lions honor students

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The program at a recent Monday meeting of the Wilmington Lions Club was the annual Student Recognition Night. Fifteen Wilmington High School seniors were honored for being outstanding in their particular classes.

Students and their parents were invited to this annual event that included dinner prepared by the staff and volunteers at the Senior Services Center on North Nelson Avenue. The Lions Club gave each student a certificate and pen. Mindy McCarty-Stewart, WHS Principal, read a short note from the respective teacher describing the reason that student was selected.

Students and their categories are: Allie Garnai, Art; Allister Brausch, Language Arts; Taylor Snell, Career Based Education; Giselle Avelar-Nieto, Business; Mai Cooper, Foreign Language; Jennifer Cochran, Math; Cheyann McKee, Vocal Music; Jason Cochran, Science; Drezden Beam, Social Studies; Jakob Blevins, Agriculture; Ryan Oates, Theater; Brittany Fahnestock, English Language Arts; Alex Miller, PE/Health; Erin Stroebel, Engineering; and Isabelle Thomas, Instrumental Music.


News Journal