Indian Trails Chapter learns Sacred Harp

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Dennis Delaney spoke at the meeting.

Dennis Delaney spoke at the meeting.

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The Indian Trails Chapter of the Colonial Dames 17 Century had their July meeting at the Dove Church. Box lunches from Shoelaces Catering were enjoyed.

Alice Stewart introduced Dennis Delaney, dressed in period costume, who told us about a form of music that we had never heard of before.

Sacred Harp first appeared in the 1700s in England. No musical instruments are used. There are four notes – me fa so la. Each note is represented by its own symbol – triangle, oval, square, or diamond.

This form of singing doesn’t require anyone to be able to read music, just follow the shape.

Singers are grouped together in four parts – bass, tenor, treble, and alto. Each part faces an empty center section where the leader stands. Leaders can be any age, many beginning as children.

Mr. Delaney belongs to a group that meets monthly. They sing for an hour, eat for an hour, and go back to singing for another hour.

Look up “Sacred Harp” on YouTube to see for yourself what this is all about.

Members of Colonial Dames 17 Century have ancestors who were in what is now the United States of America during the 1600s.

Applicants must have proof of each generation between themselves and the ancestor. We have a Registrar who helps with applications. Anyone wishing to find out more can come to the History Center/Historical Society any Friday 1-4 p.m. or Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Dennis Delaney spoke at the meeting. Delaney spoke at the meeting. Submitted photo

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