Blanchester PD seeks suspect in 2 assaults

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BLANCHESTER —Police are seeking a man they say assaulted his mother and his sister Sunday night.

At around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, police were called to 613 S. Broadway St. in response to a frantic call for help, according to a news release from Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“Ptl. Kristen Jeffers responded, and asked for assistance from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. When she arrived at the residence, Ptl. Jeffers spoke with Tammy Carr, age 58, and Sarah Jones, age 33, who stated that Jeremy Carr had assaulted then both by striking them with his fists,” said Reinbolt. “Jeremy Carr is the son of Tammy Carr and the brother of Sarah Jones.

“Both stated Jeremy was intoxicated and had fled the residence prior to police arriving, but added that he might be hiding in the basement.

Reinbolt continued, “A Clinton County Deputy Sheriff arrived and he and Ptl. Jeffers searched the basement and did not find Jeremy. An ambulance was summoned to the scene, and Tammy Carr was taken to the hospital via ambulance while Sarah Jones declined being taken to the hospital. Several children were present in the home, but were unharmed.

He said witnesses stated that Jeremy Carr is a “survivalist” and that he might secret himself in a wooded area.

”They also stated that Carr has indicated he would like to be killed by a police officer,” said Reinbolt. An additional Blanchester police officer and additional sheriff’s deputy arrived and searched several nearby wooded areas to no avail.

Ptl. Jeffers phoned Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Andrew McCoy at home and briefed him on the case. He approved the filing of two charges of felony domestic violence against Carr, said Reinbolt.

“Carr was charged with domestic violence by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office in June of 2010 and was convicted on that charge in July of that year. In that case he was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but only served 30 days in jail. He paid a $500 fine,” said Reinbolt.

“In May of 2016 Carr was charged by Blanchester Police with domestic violence and illegal discharge of a firearm. In July of that year the domestic violence charge was dismissed and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail on the firearms charge, but that jail term was suspended. He was fined $250.”

Reinbolt continued, “In July of 2017 Carr was charged with illegal assembly of chemicals to manufacture illegal narcotics by Blanchester Police. In September of that year he was sentenced to a 36-month prison term, which he served.”

Blanchester police obtained a warrant for Carr’s arrest Monday afternoon. Anyone who sees him should call 911, Reinbolt said.


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