Clinton County real estate sales

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This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Rebecca M. Beachy to Ricky A. Bowman, 505 East Main Street in Blanchester, $15,500.

Tracy F. Flanigan to Kinsey G. and Donald P. Lakes, 75 Midway Drive in Wilmington, $134,900.

LRC Ohio Inc. to Lacy L. Myers and Andrew R. Wysong, 275 South First Street in Clarksville, 3.5 acres, $192,000.

Blake Bronson to Cassandra D. Tagg, 10175 State Route 729 in Green Township, 2 acres, $190,000.

Madison Shaye Bost, William Dale Bost and Kimberly Bost to Phillip Gaetano Puglisi, 691 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $127,000.

Gary L. Stanforth to Courtney M. Adams, 708 East Main Street in Blanchester, $135,000.

McFarlane Asset Management LLC to Patricia Irene Hensley and David Faw, 215 Greene Road in Martinsville, $175,000.

Wiseman Property Holdings LLC to Robert J. Miller, 432 West Main Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $85,000.

Brent A. Snively ½ interest and Natalie A. Reiber ½ interest to Tracy Flanigan, 6122 State Route 73 in Green Township, 2.1 acres, $224,900.

Nancy A. McCollum RT to Ricky A. Bowman, 136 West Fancy Street in Blanchester, $30,000.

Dynamic Data Solutions LLC to James Jr. and Amy L. Setty, 406 East Main Street and one other property on East Main Street both in Blanchester, $169,000.

Steven A. and Jennifer L. Jarrell to Bill D. Marine and Susan K. Kocher, 379 Burdel Drive in Wilmington, $61,000.

Anthony C. Thompson to Melanie J. Bryant, 228 North Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $86,000.

James E. and Kathleen M. Hehl to William and Meghan Dehart, 173 Mullen Hill Road in Clark Township, 1.9 acres, $150,000.

Erin M. Clark to Skylar Gambrell, 104 South Supinger Avenue in Blanchester, $124,000.

Jason F. and Janet L. Walt to Brent Allen Isaac Snively and Natalie Ann Snively, 940 Fawn Lake Drive in Union Township, $365,000.

Wiseman Property Holdings LLC to Susan M. Utley, 66 West Truesdell Street in Wilmington, $65,000.

Rudduck FRLT to Andrew David Borden and Theresa Borden, 1568 North Webb Road in Adams Township, 3.1 acres, $595,000.

Darla and Danielle Faul to Scrimizzi Properties Management, 511 East John Street in Blanchester, $50,000.

Joandrea Merritt to Kaitlyn Bailey and Gary Stanforth, 226 Sycamore Road in Jefferson Township, 2 acres, $230,000.

Joel A. Holmes to Jerome E. Woody, 902 West Locust Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $102,000.

Franklin D. Simpson to Elizabeth A. Guzzi, 896 Southridge Avenue in Wilmington, $79,900.

Joseph Beachboard to Jacquelyn Luce, 359 North Mulberry Street and three other North Mulberry Street properties all in Wilmington, $177,000.

Elizabeth M. Wilkinson to Erin Moore, 449 North Walnut Street in Wilmington, $150,000.

Lawrence S. Weigel to Timothy R. and Forinda M. Watson, 254 Darbyshire Drive in Wilmington, $135,000.

Perry D. Jr. and Denise J. Duvall to Adam Petry, 1953 Dudley Road in Marion Township, 2 acres, $61,000.

JDZ Holdings LLC to Katelin Henninger, 459 North Spring Street in Wilmington, $126,000.

Cluxton Family Partnership LLC to Logan W. Flannery, 243 Church Street and two other Church Street properties all in New Vienna and a State Route 73 property in Green Township, total of 9.1 acres, $50,000.

Timothy C.A. Hart to Alan Dean McClain, 1091 McDermott Avenue in Wilmington, $130,000.

Richard Douglas Brown II to William Andrew Smith and Elizabeth H. Smith and Savannah M. Lynch, 627 Hunt Road in Jefferson Township, 2.6 acres, $160,000.

Carl R. Anders RT to Braden Dunham and Amy Zimmerman, 67 South Jackson Street in Sabina, 0.1 acre, $11,500.

Thelmas Enterprises LLC to PJO Properties LLC, 433 Mill Street in Sabina, $62,500.

Victor Robledo and Judith Mitchell to David Bowling, 404 East Main Street in Blanchester, $80,000.

Suzanne Addison to Michelle L. and Thomas T. Hall, 2274 Gurneyville Road in Liberty Township, 0.8 acre, $126,000.

LT Land Development LLC to Myron Hale, 861 Fife Avenue in Wilmington, $69,000.

Robert W. II and Tracey Lynn Zachrich to Kristen Murphy, 64 Midway Drive in Wilmington, $129,500.

Cordell and Ashton D. Williams to Wayne E. and Ellen R. Patton, 2050 Greene Road in Clark Township, $142,500.

Wanda L. Crawford to Kenneth A. and Virginia G. McCarren, 793 Dakins Chapel Road in Richland Township, 4.6 acres, $115,000.

Melanie J. Bryant to Lester D. Bush, 632 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $125,000.

Steven R. and Joni Streber to John F. and Duane E. Rhoads, 0.1 acre, $25,000.

Bryan Case to Jessica G. and Jonathan K. Cooper, 2128 Greene Road in Clark Township, $203,000.

Lundy FRLTA to Double A Development LLC, 904 and 910 Southridge Avenue in Wilmington, $100,000.

Victoria Canby to Melinda J. Turner, 540 North Walnut Street in Wilmington, $100,000.

Keith M. Groves RT and April R. Groves RT to Myles B. Halye and Jessica E. Halye and Keith M. Groves RT, Hiney Road in Liberty Township, 46.1 acres, $104,400.

Myles B. Halye and Jessica E. Halye and Keith M. Groves RT to Myles B. Halye and Jessica E. Halye, Hiney Road in Liberty Township, 46.1 acres, $104,400.

Kelly Phillips to Katie Bowers, 204 East Center Street and two other East Center Street properties all in Blanchester, $136,500.

Angela Johnson France and John Johnson to Gary D. Myers Jr. and Melissa G. Hall, 6036 Sean Circle in Blanchester, $179,000.

William E. Burnell RLT and Janet M. Burnell RLT to Adam James Rhoads and Misty Snow Rhoads, 0 Hiatt Road in Adams Township, 4.1 acres, $41,200.

Schuler Builders LLC to Jamie S. Engleking and Joseph Matovich, Hoskins Road in Union Township, 1.6 acres, $47,000.

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