Police: Man holding baby fires shots following minor car crash in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) — A man holding a baby in his arms fired shots at a woman following a road rage incident in Cincinnati.

The shooting occurred Wednesday, about 30 minutes after a minor car accident involving two women. No injuries were reported in the accident, but one of the drivers told the other “I’m gonna go get my man, you better go get yours.”

The driver who made the comment left but later returned with a man in her vehicle. The man then walked into a home, came back with a gun and started firing at the other driver and two other women with her, authorities said.

One shot ricocheted and grazed the 54-year-old victim’s forearm, causing minor injuries. The other driver and the shooter then drove off, but were eventually stopped by police.

The alleged shooter faces three counts of felony assault, as well as child endangerment and weapons charges. Authorities said video of the incident shows the shooter firing his gun while holding the infant, who wasn’t injured.

It’s not clear if the woman with the shooter will face any charges.