CMHS nominates, recognizes students

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Clinton-Massie High School has recognized students for their outstanding behavior and contributions to the school and community.

The following students were nominated by staff members:

Caring: Trevor Bills (Graves), Matt Fawley (Graves), Bryce Huffman (Graves), Alannah Iverson (Ledley), Nathaniel Patrick (Rolf), Ella Seesing (Farr), and Naomi Turner (Hales)

Respect: Addison Swope (DeBord)

Responsible: Sam Billman (Ryan), Kathryn Hodge (Ryan), Colton McCune (Ryan), Travis Smith (Fair), Abbey Steed (Farr), Nolan Sutton (Downing), and Johanna VanPelt (Morabito)

Willing to Learn: Hayden Boop (Ledley), Jordan Burns (Saylor), Lydia Cameron (Kasten), Peyton Frost (Ledley), Leland Harris (Fair), Jacob Harrison (McGraw), Shayne Hendricks (Seewer), Bryce Hensley (Fair), Kaden Kimple (Seewer), Ava Long (Ledley), Mase Neeley (McGraw), Deike Schubert (Fair), and Jesse Woodrum (Ledley).

Submitted article