Clinton County real estate transfers

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This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Jeffrey W. Stenersen to Matt Matthews and Heather Schumacher, 7629 Fairground Road in Blanchester, $135,000.

Gregory L. and Valerie A. Stacy to Christine L. Caupp and Donald Fugate, 9189 State Route 730 and another SR 730 property both in Vernon Township, 39 acres, $630,000.

Joshua Durel Fisher to Mary Morgann, 619 West Street in New Vienna, $183,000.

Candy Goulding and David M. Thompson to Lora L. Justice, 6331 State Route 730 in Vernon Township, 1.5 acres, $149,000.

Jeff Frost to Todd BR Zike and Donald C. Bunch, 509 South Wright Street in Blanchester, 0.7 acre, $10,000.

Richard W. and Anna M. Daugherty to Nancy Salerno, 521 East Locust Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $125,000.

Heidi Beam to CPG International LLC, 930 Prairie Road in Wilmington, 1.8 acres, $480,000.

Lawrence D. and Susan J. Reinsmith to Clinton County Community Action Program, 1600 Alex Drive, 2 acres, $524,500.

Wells Fargo Equity Trust Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series to Mark Douglas Burris, 886 Lazenby Road and one other Lazenby Road property both in Washington Township, 15.9 acres, $75,600.

Michael K. and Martha L. O’Rourke to Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 603 East Main Street in Blanchester, $127,000.

Nancy E. McMullen to Robert L. McMullen, 934 Kathryn Drive in Wilmington, $111,000.

CSX Transportation to Champion Bridge Company, 0 Langdon Avenue in Wilmington, 1.8 acres, $90,500.

Shawna Friskey to Shawn Hedge, 7484 Fairground Road in Blanchester, $159,500.

Joseph and Kristina Gundler to Sean Michael and Katherine Holley, 291 Heritage Ridge Road and one other Heritage Ridge Road property both in Marion Township, 3.7 acres, $582,500.

Chester H. Wilson Trust to Todd J. and Rebecca L. Wilson, 0 Hales Branch Road in Jefferson Township, 2.6 acres, $13,000.

Michael D. Graham, Carol S. Peelle, and Teresa A. Marino to Betty A. Graham to Edward T. Lacy, 103 Paddock Place in Union Township, $375,000.

Dean D. and Cynthia L. Lynch to Michael Dennis Ray Boothby, 153 Central Avenue in Blanchester, $130,000.

Sandra S. Burnett to Blackcat Development LLC, 31 West Main Street in Wilmington, 0.01 acre, $100,000.

Janet Tucker to Hunter A. Minnish, 1046 McDermott Avenue in Wilmington, $170,000.

Wayne Ames ½ interest and Sandra K. Ames ½ interest to Hillyard Family Farm LLC, State Route 28 property in Green Township, 54.2 acres, $520,700.

TCBAMK LLC to Joe and Kerry Bath, 62 Southwind Boulevard in Wilmington, $18,000.

Kenneth E. and Helen M. Richardson to Philip Ray Richardson Jr. and Sheila Darlene Richardson, 128 Burroughs Street in Blanchester, $34,000.

Ricky A. Bowman to Tissandier Construction LLC, 505 East Main Street in Blanchester, $11,000.

Janet Matrka to Tim and Julie Davis, 1058 Willow Bend Drive in Wilmington, $265,000.

Allan Baker to Tyler Made LLC, 322 Lazenby Street in Blanchester, 0.2 acre, $30,300.

Christopher L. Miller to Timothy D. Currier, 3057 Hale Road in Chester Township, 1.9 acres, $215,000.

Deanna Murphy to Darlene F. Winburn, 519 Paris Avenue in Wilmington, $74,000.

Karla H. Bisig to Darlene M. Grooms, 1209 Heather Run in Wilmington, $245,000.

Gerald W. and Louella M. Whiting to Wayne S. and Roberta C. Keaton, 516 State Route 124 in Clark Township, 13.9 acres, $204,000.

Cecilia E. Swindler to Kenneth Dale and Ruth Ann Carpenter, 231 North Spring Street and one other North Spring Street property both in Wilmington, $25,000.

Clint A. Difatta and Jordan R. Norgaard to Rebecca Sue Shutler, 467 North Walnut Street and one other North Walnut Street property both in Wilmington, $205,000.

Wayne Ames ½ interest and Sandra K. Ames ½ interest to Joseph Evans Davis and Leah M. Davis, Powell Road property in Green Township, 0.4 acre, $1,900.

John S. Simonson to Chad D. Fields, 391 Burdel Drive in Wilmington, $116,000.

Jeff P. Fleming to Alexander and Rebekah Stephens, 6033 Sean Circle in Blanchester, 0.3 acre, $231,000.

Stanley R. Thayer to Jesse Donald Wright, 1268 Southridge Avenue in Wilmington, $144,900.

Alexander Greenwell to Ricky A. and Angela Dusing, 222 North College Street and one other North College Street property both in Sabina, 0.2 total acre, $80,000.

Sheri M. Kellogg to Samantha Ann Adkins and Shane C. Hughes, 928 Williams Road in Chester Township, 9.2 acres, $350,000.

John S. and Tracy Blazek Neal to Melissa D. Culbertson, 1713 Dailey Road and two other Dailey Road properties all in Green Township, 10 acres, $385,000.

Robert T. Kirk Jr. to Brian S. Kauffman, 2896 Antioch Road in Green Township, 2.8 acres, $325,000.

Michael Lee Messuri to Darin G. and Janis M. Woods, 260 Baker Road in Vernon Township, 5.6 acres, $330,000.

Mattie Lee Turner to Elm Companies LLC, 905 East Columbus Street in Wilmington, $70,000.

Marcus and Desiree Roose to Alexander J. Greenwell, State Route 72 property in Wayne Township, 5.1 acres, $52,000.

Rice Home Builders LLC to Cheri R. and Tyler M. Trampler, 160 Meadowbrooke Drive in Adams Township, $364,000.

Charles David Cundiff to Scot A. Holsinger, 132 Rice Drive in New Vienna, 0.3 acre, $125,000.

Tissandier Construction LLC to Tinisha Sue and Matthew William Wilson, 312 Rayford Street in Blanchester, 0.3 acre, $219,000.

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