BPD: Incident to be heard in juvenile court

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — Police were called to Blanchester High School the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 1 regarding a student threatening another student. An officer arrived and spoke to the assistant principal and several teenagers.

“According to witnesses, several students were in the lunch room when a girl told two boys that she would like to see them fight,” stated Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt in a news release. “One of the boys replied that he does not fight, but instead shoots. The boy then showed the other boy a photo of what he claimed was his gun and made a comment about people dying. The matter came to the attention of the assistant principal, who issued disciplinary measures to the boy who showed the photo and made the comments.”

Reinbolt said, “Determination of whether or not charges are filed in juvenile cases in Clinton County is decided by the County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. In this case, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office prepared paperwork alleging the boy who showed the photo of the gun and made the comments to be a delinquent child by reason of committing aggravated menacing. Aggravated menacing entails causing another to believe that you will cause them serious physical harm.”

He added that the case will be heard in the Clinton County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division.


News Journal