Body found under Fayette Co. overpass

A body was found underneath the State Route 435 overpass at the U.S. 35-Interstate 71 interchange this morning, according to Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth.

“It appears as if the man set up a campsite underneath the overpass,” said Stanforth. “Right now, there are no signs of foul play. We’ll know more once the autopsy is complete.”

At around 10:30 a.m. Thursday, the FCSO was informed of something suspicious underneath the overpass. Shortly after, the body was found, Stanforth said.

“It seems as though he has been down here for a little while, so there has been a significant amount of decomposition,” Stanforth said. “With all of the hot weather lately it is hard to tell how long he could have been there, but the body has probably been there in excess of a week. Again, we’ll have more of these details once the autopsy is complete.

“Deputies are now interviewing area businesses to see if they are familiar with him,” Stanforth said. “We are trying to see if he might have been in any of the stores recently and who might have saw him. Right now though, we are keeping the body where it is and are treating the area as a crime scene until we can be sure.”

The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is also currently at the scene investigating.