Snowplow driver who caused havoc on Ohio Turnpike fired

Associated Press

The Ohio Turnpike Commission snowplow driver who injured people and damaged dozens of vehicles when he recklessly sprayed ice, snow and slush on vehicles traveling in the opposite direction has been fired and could face criminal charges, officials said Wednesday.

Eighteen people were injured and 55 vehicles were damaged during the incident in Erie County on Jan. 23, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol officials.

The driver was fired on Tuesday after being placed on administrative leave the day after the incident, according to a Turnpike Commission statement. Ohio Turnpike Executive Director Ferzan Ahmed in the driver’s termination letter said he engaged in “grossly negligent behavior” that endangered people’s lives and property.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol investigation has been turned over to the Erie County prosecutor to determine whether the driver should face criminal charges, patrol spokesperson Sgt. Ray Santiago said on Wednesday.

Cellphone videos recorded by travelers showed ice and slush flying over the median divider and striking oncoming traffic headed east on the turnpike in Erie County.

Associated Press