Clinton County eateries inspected

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The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health Department and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health Department by calling 937-382-7221.

The Corner Market, 10 Main St., Clarksville, Jan. 31.

Critical: Packages of shredded cheese stored on top of packages of raw chicken. Person In Charge separated and corrected. Spray bottle with chemical missing name label. PIC labeled and corrected.

Non-critical: Thermometer missing in Pepsi cooler storing Naked brand smoothie beverages. Name labels missing on dispensing containers in cappuccino machine. 8 CFL bulbs are used in hot holding case (chicken, potato wedges, etc.); food grade-rated (heat lamp or bulb designed for equipment) must be used to prevent physical contamination if bulb breaks.

• Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Road, Wilmington, Feb. 1.

Non-critical: Ice scoop holder at both ice machines are dirty. Pink accumulations on inner guard in ice machine (near pitcher storage). Items found air drying on cloth. Dust accumulated on ceiling near HVAC vents (warewash and prep area). Debris/grease accumulated on floor near steamer/fryers. Cove trim missing under/corner of warewash machine. Floor tile missing/damaged near tilt cooking equipment. Door trim damaged at concessions area.

Laurel Oaks Cafeteria, 300 Oak Drive, Wilmington, Feb. 1.

Critical: Spray bottle with pink cleaner was missing name label. Corrected. Ready-to-eat apples at service/pay line were not protected from consumer contamination. Produce with edible skin must be covered, wrapped and/or utensils used to protect from contamination. Corrected.

• Dairy Queen, 1093 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, Feb. 1.

Non-critical: Thermometer missing in ice cream machine (near drive-thru window). Syrup pump bottles have splatter accumulations. Walk-in freezer floor has debris accumulations. Clean-up procedure for vomit/diarrhea incidents unavailable.

East Clinton High School, 174 Larrick Road, Sabina, Jan. 31.

Non-critical: Peeling paint on floor in kitchen.

• Wilmington College Dining Hall, Pyle Center, Wilmington, Feb. 1.

Non-critical: Dry storage has missing ceiling tiles and leaking ceiling. Leaky faucet in kitchen, Broken floor tiles throughout kitchen.Ceiling in dish area. Wall behind pans coming apart.

Holmes Elementary School, 1350 W. Truesdell, Wilmington, Jan. 31.

Non-critical: Boxes of Styrofoam trays stored on floor. Fan (1) nonfunctional in walk-in cooler. Light bulb (1) nonworking in vent hood.

Wilmington High School/Middle School Cafeteria, 300 Richardson Place, Wilmington, Jan. 31.

Non-critical: Mats on floor in serving line material must be nonabsorbent and easy to clean.

Denver Elementary School, 291 Lorish Ave., Wilmington, Jan. 31. Everything looks good! Thank you.

Royalton Inn & Suites, 201 Carrie Drive, Wilmington, Feb. 1. Only serving juice and coffee from dispensing equipment. Looks to add more food options in spring/summer months.

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