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This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Caleb D. Greene to Tina Wallace, 338 North Walnut Street in Wilmington, $215,000.

Raymond J. Ball ½ interest and Jo Ellen Ball ½ interest to Adam J. and Rachel M. Wyman, 1139 Pansy Road in Vernon Township, 3.1 acres, $299,000.

Janet L. Hollingsworth to Dennis P. Marudas, 62 North Beechgrove Road in Adams Township, 9.1 acres, $341,000.

Delmer E. and Jana M. Isaacs to Cheryl Cameron, 1387 Beechgrove Road in Adams Township, 1.7 acres, $274,900.

Matthew S. Hutchinson to Jonathan Furbush, 490 West Locust Street in Wilmington, 0.4 acre, $249,500.

Steve Gerald and Adelaide Grace Gouin Maupin to Jeremy and Sierra Lynn Boldman, 120 Woods Edge Court in Union Township, $460,000.

Billy B. Jr. and Paula A. Ross to Christopher and Rachel Gulden, 784 Kelly Drive and a Prairie Avenue property both in Wilmington, $249,900.

Jeremy Cole Boldman to Jeffrey Tyler Boldman and Kacy Gail Younker, 8482 Farmers Road in Clark Township, 3.8 acres, $175,000.

TBR Properties LLC to James B. and Tristian A. Abt, a State Route 133 property in Marion Township, $39,900.

Kristin Braley to Marjorie G. Stroop, and Brett A. Vance and Birgit M. Vance, 576 John Chambers Drive in Wilmington, $242,500.

Nathan Lang to Rusty L. Frommling, 2575 Reeder Road in Vernon Township, 0.9 acre, $5,000.

William and Jo Ann Grimshaw to Jonathon M. Woehler, 432 Thorne Avenue in Wilmington, $219,000.

Jason Collins and Melissa Martin and Wayne E. Collins Jr. to Natalie Lawrence, 6980 Farmers Road in Clark Township, 0.8 acre, $25,000.

LT Land Development to Kelly Edwards, 1396 Wayne Road in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $93,500.

Nationstart Mortgage LLC to PJO Properties, 119 Harmony Lane in Sabina, 0.4 acre, $85,100.

William E. Burnell RLT and Janet M. Burnell RLT to Isaac Bray, 720 Hiatt Road in Adams Township, 12.9 acres, $250,000.

Keith Freeland to Douglas W. Miner, 4886 State Route 380 in Chester Township, 2.6 acres, $45,000.

Wilmington TIC-Minn LLC and Wilmington TIC-SB LLC to WIP L&G LLC and WIP Greer Purchase LLC and WIP Peyton LLC and WIP Morton Lewis LLC and WIP Garelick LLC and WIP Clinton Hill LLC and WIP CH LLC, 3188 Progress Way and 3268 Progress Way and 3336 Progress Way and one State Route 73 property all in Wilmington, 25 acres, $22,600,000.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to Charleen Zurface, 5961 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $139,900.

Steven L. and Carletta M. Garringer to Christina Ewing and Alex Daniel Pinkerton, 53 South Jackson Street and one other South Jackson Street property both in Sabina, total of 0.4 acre, $80,000.

Todd and Megan K. Motsinger to Katia E. Turnbull, 10354 State Route 730 in Vernon Township, 3.4 acres, $280,000.

Peggy Smith Allen to Tori Chase and Patrick Alan Edinger, 4129 Pansy Road in Vernon Township, 10 acres, $240,000.

Morris Family Trust and Grim Family Trust to Levi N. and Taylor Fortner, 0 State Route 72 in Wayne Township, 2.2 acres, $230,000.

James M. and Lisa M. Rankin to Patrick Andrew Gragan, 5456 State Route 73 in Chester Township, 9.1 acres, $429,500.

Christopher A. and Susan L. Browning to Gerald E. and Carol A. Mercer, 1614 Woodside Drive in Wilmington, $212,500.

Southern Hills Community Bank to Stephanie Swearingen and Buddie Miller, 38 North High Street in Martinsville, 0.2 acre, $26,000.

G & L Development LLC to John Patrick and Leslie Joan Kucek, 597 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.4 acres, $102,000.

Janet Gick Matrka and Thomas Paul Matrka to Denny J. and Sandra K. Wilson, a Howard Street property in Wilmington, $257,000.

L T Land Development to Elm Companies LLC, 1384 Wayne Road in Wilmington, o.2 acre, $75,000.

RWD Properties LLC to Robert and Nancy Brankamp, 0 Irvin Road in Marion Township, 31.7 acres, $264,400.

Wiseman Property Holdings LLC to Brian L. Carter, 105 Fulton Street in Wilmington, $89,000.

Jon S. and Yvette F. Sharp to Brandon and Pamela Palmer, 5329 Cuba Road in Washington Township, 1.3 acres, $210,000.

Tina Leisure Kearns and Boyd Kearns Jr. to Jerry Orme, 443 Burnett Road in Richland Township, 3.2 acres, $286,000.

Norse Haven Properties LLC to Robert J. Miller, 7640 Rosewood Drive in Blanchester, $135,000.

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