Introducing the best laser hair removal device

What is the best laser hair removal device? Today, due to the wide variety of laser hair removal devices and the manufacturers of these devices, as well as the provision of incorrect and unreal information by the sellers of these devices, many beauty and medical centers in the world sometimes make mistakes in choosing laser devices and due to the lack of The correct diagnosis, verification and evaluation of the device, which is mainly the result of not having enough information in this field, from having quality devices that have global standards and approvals, which guarantee proper performance, response and effectiveness in the minimum time in the minimum number of sessions. deprived and in addition to the dissatisfaction of clients and the loss of many of them, they suffer many financial losses.

The best laser hair removal machine in 2023

Buying solid laser devices was very popular before 2016, but Alma company made a revolution in the laser hair removal industry by registering a new diode device. With the invention of the three-wavelength Soprano Ice laser technology, Israel’s big company Alma presented the latest technology to the laser industry, which until today many companies and manufacturers of medical lasers have imitated Alma’s Soprano Titanium technology and used it in their products. have taken

Alma first marketed this technology in a device called Soprano Ice Platinum, which won the award for the best laser hair removal device in the world in 2018. Alma was not satisfied with this honor and after that, by upgrading the technical system in all the main parts, it introduced a new laser hair removal device named Soprano Ice Plus Titanium, which has won the award for the best laser hair removal device every year. Is.

The combination of three simultaneous wavelengths of Alexandrite, Diode and Endiag in the hair removal process with the appropriate output power are the main reason for the loss of unwanted hair without return.

This device simultaneously uses three wavelengths that are effective in removing unwanted body hair along with Ice and Ice Plus technology, which leads to the effective elimination of pain in the clients, and at the same time, the high output power of the laser beam at the right power causes the removal of Removal of unwanted facial and body hair in all 6 skin types with any thickness and density has been done in the least number of sessions. In the following, you will get to know the important points in choosing the best laser hair device.

Introducing the best titanium soprano device

Soprano Titanium laser devices have better performance than other laser devices, in the following we will mention the best model of Soprano Titanium device in order.

Soprano Titanium Alma Laser or Alma Diode Laser

Alma diode laser machine is considered the best type of laser hair removal machine and has a higher price than other products according to its performance. As we mentioned, it has three wavelengths and two handpieces, one handpiece for removing unwanted body hair and another handpiece that has a smaller surface for lasering specific areas such as the forehead, behind the lips, and other sensitive areas that have less access than other areas. is.

If you are looking for better services to provide to your clients, the Alma laser machine is the right choice for you, and in other categories, the only difference is between the way it works and the time of the results.

The best devices similar to Soprano Titanium

Other laser devices, which are mostly made in China, have tried to produce similar products by copying this product and exploiting the parts used in it, which were somewhat successful, but it does not reach the quality of its original manufacturing.

WKM and WDF companies have produced products similar to the original Soprano Titanium, which are much more affordable and have the same functionality as the original Alma. Each of the hair laser devices has advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss further.

Soprano titanium laser device (Weifang DF)

This product is one of the devices produced under the Alma brand, but it is not a product of this company. The DF supertitanium laser device has three wavelengths: alexandrite, diode and endiag.

It is equipped with a smart screen and Android operating system; The temperature of the handpiece of this device varies from 5 to -10 degrees. TEC cooling of this product can cool up to 400 watts.

After Alma diode laser device, this product is considered as the most effective technology in hair removal, which has TUV ISO licenses and standards.

Super titanium laser device (Weifang KM)

Another efficient device is the Soprano Titanium KM device after the investigations done in the removal of unwanted hair and the appropriate conclusion. This device has a smart monitor that estimates and displays the duration of the laser in that area after entering the information with an approximate calculation. This device has three wavelengths and is available in the market as a single handpiece and two handpieces. This product, which is made in China, uses the same equipment as Alma.

The menu of this device is completely simple and understandable and has SHR, HR and SHR Stack options which can be set to high frequency.

The WKM company started operating in 2009 and designed, produced and supplied medical and beauty equipment to the whole world and is still active in this field, all the equipment of this brand has international approvals and certificates.

Features of the best laser hair removal device

Among the most important features of a high-level laser device, we can point out things such as favorable results during fewer sessions, radiation of three wavelengths at the same time, which causes the loss of the shaft, roots and capillaries of unwanted hair, among other best features. Laser hair removal machine.

FDA approved device

FDA includes 420 general tests of the technical specifications of the device provided by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Use of cooling system

During laser treatment with the Soprano Titanium device, the surface of the handpiece will be in contact with the client’s skin. Laser rays can cause pain to sensitive skin, so to reduce this pain, a cooling system is needed in addition to the laser to immediately cool the skin surface. .

Ice Plus handpieces solved this problem. The head of these handpieces has a cooling system, so that the client will not feel burning or pain during lasering; Soprano titanium handpieces have this capability.

Support for all skin types

Another feature of the best laser device is its ability to cover all skin types, that is, it can remove all unwanted hair in different sizes and thicknesses and cover white or dark skin types.

The newest and best laser hair removal device

Three-wavelength devices are among the newest laser hair removal devices in the world, these devices are:

Alexandrite beam that penetrates to the depth of one centimeter of the skin and targets the hair shaft.
The diode beam that penetrates up to 2 cm deep into the skin and destroys the hair root
The Andiag beam targets the skin at a maximum depth of 3 cm and burns the capillaries that feed the excess hair.
For laser hair removal during fewer sessions and with high efficiency, you can use these three length laser products.