City: Over 200 veterans’ graves, flags targeted in vandalism at Sugar Grove Cemetery; police seek public’s help for info

News Journal

WILMINGTON – An unknown person or persons removed and/or broke graveside flags, scattered decorations, and uprooted military flag holders in several sections of the older part of the Sugar Grove Cemetery.

It is estimated that 200 flags were destroyed, and 20 flag holders were moved from their normal locations, according to a news release from the City of Wilmington.

Sections affected were One, Two, Three, Six, Seven, and Nine. Flags in Soldier’s Point were also damaged.

In addition, cemetery section markers were pulled out of the ground and two benches were upturned. There does not appear to be headstone damage at this time.

“There is nothing more dishonorable than disgracing the dead,” said Brian Shidaker, Service Director for the City of Wilmington. “It is even more despicable that veteran’s graves seem to have been targeted.”

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact the Wilmington Police Department at (937) 382-3833.

The City of Wilmington appreciates the public’s patience as it works to clean up the damage.

News Journal