Throwback Thursday: Fair & carnival

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on April 27, 1963:


‘RFK Seeking Racial Issue Moderation’

“ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy has called on moderates all over the country to work together to prevent a rise in extremism on both sides of the racial issue. He made the statement Friday — Confederate Memorial Day — during a whirlwind trip to Georgia.”


‘Clinton Youth Center New Look Seen At Grand Re-Opening’

“With bright new paint and plans underway for special activities, the Clinton County Youth Center is in the midst of a rejuvenation program.”

Shown were youths dancing to records, playing pocket billiards, enjoying snacks and soft drinks and browsing magazines.

“The junior board of the center includes Charles Black, Evan Hickey, Richard Tackett, Jean Wilson, Janet Wilson, Patty Goodman, Larry Donaldson, Wilma Jordan, Judy Corbin, Eddie Adams and Jack Carder. The adult board includes Mrs. A. Graves Williams, Mrs. Charles Farquhar, Clarence Sheeter Jr., Sam Guttman, C.E. Sims, Maurice Daniels, Rev. Allyn Walker, Richard Babb and Frank Cunningham.”

• “The Blanchester Parent Teacher Assembly met at the Baldwin Street elementary building with a large crowd in attendance” as President Mrs. Richard Thomas opened the meeting. Other officers were Mrs. Wendell Lowman, Mrs. Cecil Hadley and Mrs. Stanley Hill, and committee members Mrs. Stella Flores, Mrs. Vernon May, Mrs. Donna Dixon, Mrs. Harry Bradley, Mrs. Howard McCollum, Mrs. James Chandler, Mrs. Robert Forste and Mrs. Wayne Hagemeyer.

• “It was a game and it wasn’t at Williams Memorial Friday afternoon when Sabina and Wilmington got together” on the baseball field. “WHS was leading in the short contest (Sabina had to leave at 5 p.m. for the prom).” Pictured were “Dave Brigner who was baptising the Sabinians with his fireball tactics” and “Sabina hurler Phil Snow was working effectively in relief.”

• Stars of Blanchester High School’s production of “Bye Bye Birdie” included Susan Kepner, Bill Potts, Sharon Monjar and Bill Burkett as well as Jim Bentley, Kathie Rose, Phil Conner, Phil Blankenship, Barbara Bates and Suzi Hunter. County History Center

News Journal