Research solves a Throwback mystery

Submitted article

After much research by our Clinton County History Center staff following questions about whether last week’s Throwback Thursday image was from 1910 or 1914, we discovered that in fact it was taken during the 1914 Fall Festival in Wilmington, even though the back of our image — which we use for Throwback Thursday information — stated “1910 Wilmington Homecoming.”

We checked our donor records and found this image was among 14 glass negatives donated to us by Richard Hiatt with a ca. 1910-1920 date. The photographer is unknown, but we’ve found the date to be Oct. 27-30, 1914.

Staff were lucky enough to also have copies of the 1914 Fall Festival images to compare. The one posted last Thursday is from a different angle, but features the same shops and views.

#TBT community feedback is one of the main reasons we do this partnership with the News Journal and social media followers! Due to those who asked questions, we are now able to correct our records for the future.

Thanks to everyone who commented, and continue to keep an eye out for more images weekly.

Submitted article