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This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Tissandier Construction LLC to Sharon Ann Schwegler, 319 Rayford Street in Blanchester, 0.4 acre, $260,000.

William James Gaul to Angela R. Golden, 4525 Second Creek Road in Marion Township, 2.2 acres, $8,970.

G & L Development LLC to Shaun and Jomelle Goodbar, 365 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 2.7 acres, $76,000.

James Matthew Garner and Brandi Toner to Brandi J. Toner and James M. Toner, 836 Halpin Road in Adams Township, 1.4 acres, $85,000.

Scott C. and Lee Ann McAlpine to Jessica and Jonathan Cooper, 9230 State Route 73 in Chester Township, 4 acres, $201,300.

Janet Matrka to Virginia A. Harewood, 566 Forest Lake Drive in Union Township, $189,000.

Robert B. and Carol R. Mobley to Joseph Richard Jones and Angela L. Ehrhard, Mackenzie Court in Blanchester, 0.5 acre, $315,000.

Old Bird Properties LLC to Christopher James Dean, 648 West Main Street in Blanchester, 0.4 acre, $145,000.

Robert H. Mickle to Mark A. Bryant, 112 Meadow View Lane in Liberty Township, $155,000.

David L. Rinderle to Joseph and Tracy Carter, 11258 State Route 730 in Marion Township, 5.2 acres, $40,000.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to Daniel Ellenbarger, 5883 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $140,000.

Andrew Gale aka Andrew D. Gale to Shawn D. Burden, 667 Norman Street in Wilmington, $35,000.

Scanlon LT to Dorman Rice and Derek K. Rice, 1644 Stingley Road and two other Stingley Road properties all in Chester Township, $435,500.

Jennifer A. Muncy to Kimberley L. Alexander, 51 North Wood Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $114,900.

Monte C. and Melody J. Long to Duane R. Probus II and Diane Marie Probus, 1774 Wayne Road in Union Township, $185,000.

Clinton County Services for the Homeless Inc. to Rachel A. Murphy, 248 Main Street and one other Main Street property both in Port William, $68,000.

George Michael Vandeventer and Carol Lea to VOM Investments LLC, 157 Falcon Hill Way in Chester Township, 2.1 acres, $554,000.

HRES Investments LLC and Freedom Flag Properties LLC to Angela Henry, 1653 South Woodside Drive in Wilmington, $225,000.

Mark D. George ½ interest and Robert Michael George ½ interest to JTS Farms LLC, 799 Collett Road and two other Collett Road properties all in Chester Township, $281,600.

Phillip and Christina Iams to Toby J. Warrington, 816 East Center Street in Blanchester, 0.3 acre, $122,500.

Kenneth A. Taylor ½ interest and Judy A. Taylor ½ interest to Robert Junior Conrad III and Patsy Sue Piatt, 316 Taylor Drive in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $179,000.

Troy D. and Veronica R. Brown to Shane W. and Serenity P. Maxfield, 67 South Orchard Circle in Blanchester, $148,200.

Jeffrey Buchanan to Rusty A. Frommling, a Reeder Road property in Vernon Township, 0.1 acre, $12,000.

Webland Properties LLC to Brandon C. Davis, 772 Haney Road in Adams Township, 3 acres, $189,175.

Daniel E. Thornton to Robert Eugene Peacock, 1078 Linhof Road in Wilmington, $178,200.

Edvin Rajauskas to David M. Fife and Patricia Elyse Fife and Austin Smith and Jerrica Smith, 2502 South Creek Road in Vernon Township, 1.2 acres, $50,000.

John A. Hawkins Jr. and Kathleen M. Hawkins to Robert S. Riehle and Robin R. Weis-Riehle, 308 Booth Avenue in Wilmington, $137,000.

Shirley Ward Property Management Trust to Leah D. Holden, 61 Morgan Street in Sabina, $105,000.

T & J Country Properties II LLC to Steven M. and Jessica L. Dunkin, 403 Maple Point Court in Chester Township, 3.2 acres, $90,000.

T & J Country Properties II LLC to Steven M. and Jessica L. Dunkin, 451 Maple Point Court in Chester Township, 3.7 acres, $85,000.

Eric and Amanda Marie Harshbarger to Kathleen M. Hawkins and John A. Hawkins Jr., 55 Waverly Way in Adams Township, 1.5 acres, $275,000.

G & L Development LLC to Joseph H. Sodini RLT ½ interest and Janine K. Sodini RLT ½ interest, 553 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 2.8 acres, $99,900.

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