Clinton County real estate sales

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This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

LSD Properties LLC to Phil Richardson Jr., 509 Cherry Street in Blanchester, $80,000.

Russell Family Dynasty Trust to John W. Vanden Bosch and Virginia Vanden Bosch, 9506 State Route 73 in Chester Township, 0.4 acre, $3,000.

Robert D. Eby to Xavier and Jeffrey Brown, 103 Windy Way in Washington Township, $137,000.

Scrimizzi Properties Management to Joseph Oliver Steinmetz and Regina Kay Kenney, 511 East John Street in Blanchester, $155,000.

American General Mortgage Loan Trust to Wilmington Investment Group LLC, 429 Clinton Street and one other Clinton Street property both in Wilmington, $65,000.

Jennifer B. Thornton to Keith Cockerham and Billie Jo Cockerham, 913 Hunt Road in Jefferson Township, 5 acres, $160,000.

T & J Country Properties II LLC to Franklin R. Dunkin Jr. and Joy C. Dunkin, 539 and 567 Maple Point Court in Chester Township, 14 acres, $300,000.

Tracey D. Campbell to Larry A. and Lindsey N. Ahrmann, 8890 State Route 730 in Vernon Township, 2 acres, $260,000.

William D. Driscoll to CMR, 4075 Hornbeam Road in Wayne Township, 1.6 acres, $153,000.

Robert and Susie Teboe to Lambcke Construction LLC, 149 South Mulberry Street and three other Mulberry Street properties and one Spring Street property all in Wilmington, $85,000.

Joshua C. Spurgeon to Samantha Pringle, 2253 Glady Road in Clark Township, 1.2 acres, $139,500.

Georgeta Predoiu and Richard Roush to Marcie L. Hasz, 704 North Broadway Street in Blanchester, 1.1 acres, $270,000.

Russell and Shanin L. Richardson to Jodie and Lisa Creditt, 1056 Halpin Road in Adams Township, 2.8 acres, $75,000.

Tiffany Leigh Sydnor to Luke A. Ferguson, 39 Cambo Place in Wilmington, $142,600.

Jason N. Bingham to Jeffrey Bumgardner and Stephanie Barnes, 268 South South Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $210,000.

Kristin Hamilton to Angela Lynn Hurt and Mathew Ryan Schmittel, 946 Fife Avenue in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $165,000.

John R. Harrison ½ interest and Debbie K. Harrison ½ interest to Misti Dawn Grooms, 52 Hunt Drive in Sabina, $68,500.

James and Sue Hanna to Bryan Moore and Sheila Carpenter Moore, 370 High Street and one other High Street property both in Wilmington, $268,500.

Benjamin Snowden and Kendra Snowden to Sarah Hughes, 25 New Burlington Road and one other New Burlington Road property both in Liberty Township, $157,500.

Zackory C. Adams and Samantha J. Teboe to Alexandra D. Davis, 613 Florence Avenue in Wilmington, $142,500.

Mark J. Sneed Jr. to DDZ Enterprises LLC, 414 Darbyshire Drive in Wilmington, $63,500.

West Side Shops LLC to Jason Kingsland, 659 W. Main Street in Blanchester, 0.3 acre, $140,000.

Matt Matthews and Heather M. Schumacher to Garrett Luke Allen, 910 Halpin Road in Adams Township, 1.3 acres, $155,000.

Steed FRLT to Jason G. and Kimberly A. Zeckser, a North Webb Road property in Adams Township, 6.6 acres, $175,000.

G & L Development LLC to Nicholas Ryan Lewis and Alexandra Lewis, 208 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3 acres, $89,700.

Beverly Bryant Hensley to Russell David Walker and Kimberly Dawn Walker, a Hale Road property in Adams Township, 1 acre, $50,000.

Todd E. and Angela M. Turner to Matthew W. Cooper and Stephen E. Cooper, 88 Orchard Road in Union Township, 0.9 acre, $189,000.

Paula A. Hammons to Monica Riesenberg, 68 South First Street in Clarksville, 0.2 acre, $172,700.

Jennifer N. and Matthew L. Dameron to Brandon Anderson, 511 South Wright Street in Blanchester, 0.7 acre, $187,000.

Pauletta A. Marshall to Chad and Ashley Ryan, 505 Mound Road in Chester Township, $290,000.

Rodney K. and Deneese J. Hilderbrant to Clista M. Hilderbrandt, 862 Buck Run Road in Chester Township, 5 acres, $182,000.

LT Land Development LLC to Pierce G. and Cheyenne H. Burnam, 66 Fulton Street in Wilmington, $135,000.

Coles BLVD Holdings One LLC dba Long Cove Holdings 3 LLC to Three Little Birds Inv. LLC ½ interest and Gardwill LLC ½ interest, 485 West Main Street in Wilmington, 0.7 acre, $749,400.

Jeffrey A. and Debra A. Goldie to Windsor 22 LLC, 122 State Route 28 in Midland, 2 acres, $325,000.

Ronald L. Torbett to Joshua Kyle and Samatha Kidder, 236 East Elm Street and one other Elm Street property both in Sabina, 0.9 acre, $192,500.

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