Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber celebrates growth at annual event

By John Hamilton - [email protected]

The annual meeting includes a luncheon.

John Hamilton | News Journal

Clinton County Board of Directors member Jonathan McKay addresses the audience.

John Hamilton | News Journal

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP — The Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce celebrated the growth of both the chamber and of local businesses at its 2022 Annual Meeting & Luncheon held at the Roberts Centre.

Last year, the Chamber added 42 new memberships, giving it a total of 319 members.

Leaders of the Clinton County Workforce Collaborative served as keynote speakers for the event.

Each member of the Collaborative leadership team spoke about their projects and what they hope to accomplish. The projects include: a school and community resource guide; student immersion to explore local employers; and a career exploration fair in September.

The Collaborative formed one year ago in conjunction with the Clinton County Port Authority, OhioMeansJobs Clinton County, and the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center “to tackle the critical and multi-faceted issues surrounding workforce development, retention, and recruitment in Clinton County and our surrounding region.”

The Collaborative is composed of business, education, non-profit, government, and economic/community development partners, and is open to anyone from these sectors who would like to become more involved in collaborative solutions to current workforce challenges.

During the luncheon, it was announced that the annual C4 Awards would take place in January at the Clinton County Convention and Visitor Bureau’s meeting.

The main sponsor of the Annual Meeting & Luncheon was the Clinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/06/web1_DSC_0656.jpgJohn Hamilton | News Journal

https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/06/web1_DSC_0662.jpgJohn Hamilton | News Journal

The annual meeting includes a luncheon.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/06/web1_DSC_0666.jpgThe annual meeting includes a luncheon. John Hamilton | News Journal

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Clinton County Board of Directors member Jonathan McKay addresses the audience.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/06/web1_DSC_0744.jpgClinton County Board of Directors member Jonathan McKay addresses the audience. John Hamilton | News Journal

By John Hamilton

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