Throwback Thursday: Mrs. Fisher’s class

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on January 16, 1922:


‘Claim Ohio World War Veterans Abused’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Asserting that more than 3,500 mentally disabled former service men now placed in state institutions were victims ‘of such gross neglect, indifference and profiteering”, President Harding “urged immediate action by the government, looking to the treatment of all such cases in federal institutions.”

‘To Spend $250,000 on Stadium’

“COLUMBUS — Ohio State University is to begin spending $250,000 for flood protection and beautification of the new Ohio Stadium in the spring.”


‘Wilmington Is Placed On New International Peace Highway’

“Wilmington will be on the line of a new international highway that has already been laid out and that will extend from Quebec, Canada to Mexico City, Mexico.

“The Three-C’s Highway, which derives its name from the fact that it touches Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, will be used a part of the way through Ohio, and Wilmington being on the Columbus-Cincinnati division of the highway, it gets its place on the international highway, which promises to become world famous.”

‘Twenty Floors Of Stock Shipped’

“Reports just made public today show that the Clinton County Livestock Shipping association sent 20 floors of livestock to Cincinnati during December. Thirty farmers shipped 1,335 hogs, 26 cattle, 39 calves and 63 sheep, all weighing a total of 331,685 pounds and netting the shippers $22,530 after all costs had been paid.”

• “Organization of a Rotary club in Wilmington is forecasted by several local business men who have become interested in the worthy objects of the international organization. Members of the Washington C.H. Rotary club have shown a lot of interest in the plan to organize a club here and have asked the privilege of getting it under way.”

• “The fox drive held at Sabina today was a decided success” as “3,000 people entered in the chase and 11 foxes were caught.” They were auctioned for charity.

• “Ruthanna, little 14-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Riddle who live on the Berlin farm on the old Cincinnati pike, died Saturday night of acute indigestion. The father and mother and six brothers and sisters survive.” County History Center

News Journal