Long-term care facilities tabletop exercise set for Friday in Clinton County

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The Clinton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will be working with five county-based long-term care facilities to exercise their facility emergency response plans during a combined tabletop exercise on Friday, July 29.

Key staff for area long-term care facilities will meet at the Wilmington Savings Bank Clinton County Aging Up Center on North Nelson Avenue in Wilmington to develop an incident action plan for one of five scenarios to be assigned among the teams. This exercise opportunity will enable facility teams to review site plans and procedures for validation or modifications.

Local response partners have been recruited from jurisdictions to help advise teams and to answer local response procedure questions.

This exercise will enable each facility to meet the Ohio Revised Code requirement to exercise its emergency procedures annually, stated a media release from the county EMA.

For more information on preparedness and weather hazards, visit cc-ema.org .


Submitted article