$5.2M project starting soon

Prosecutor’s building first to be renovated

By Dylanne Petros - [email protected]

Renovations of county buildings will start Aug. 18.

The $5.2 million project, headed by the Perfection Group, will start construction on the prosecutor’s office Aug. 18 and last four weeks, said Eddie Baas, owner of American Facade Restoration, the company that will be doing the masonry for the buildings.

Almost immediately after finishing the masonry on the prosecutor’s office, American Facade Restoration will start construction on the veterans affairs building, which is scheduled to be completed Oct. 23 as long as weather permits, Baas said.

“The reason we try to do that … (is) to wrap everything up by November or December,” he said.

Even though renovations on the courthouse will not start until March, Dave Blevins, engineering manager for Perfection Group, said the plan is to have the courthouse roof construction completed by November or December.

“We need to have the new roof in place,” he said.

Techta America is in charge of the roof construction and the company plans to work off American Facade Restoration’s schedule, according to Jeremy Dicken, general manager of Techta America.

The entire roof will be stripped, exposing the concrete underneath. Techta America will not take off entire roof, exposing the courthouse to potential damage, in one day.

“We will take off as much roofing that we can put back in that same day so that we have a 100 percent watertight system overnight until we come back that next day,” Dicken said.

If anything happens to the roof in the next 17 years, Dicken said the county will be covered by warranty.

“If something is workmanship related within two years of the installation, we will come back and that will be fixed in-house, no charge,” he said. “After our two years are over, the manufacturer 15-year warranty kicks in and then you would have to report all incidents to the manufacturer, and then they would contact us.”

If the roof renovation is too loud, Clinton County Court of Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck said he might have to move some of the jury trials — including the upcoming Phillip T. Davis trial — around so the renovation noise does not get in the way. The potential schedule changes will be addressed if needed, Rudduck said.

Once renovations begin, everything should flow smoothly and not be a huge issue to people in the prosecutor’s office, veterans affairs office or the courthouse.

“From our standpoint we shouldn’t run into any surprises,” he said.

Prosecutor’s building first to be renovated

By Dylanne Petros

[email protected]