Blanchester PAC meeting termed success

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — The first Political Action Committee (PAC) meeting to support passage of the Blanchester Local School District earnings tax on the November ballot was “a big success” according to a news release from member Don Gephart.

The meeting was held in the cafeteria of the Blanchester municipal building Thursday evening.

“The meeting’s three goals were met,” stated Gephart.

He said that, after much discussion and many ideas, it was decided to name the PAC “On Blanchester”, chosen because it is the Blanchester school song “familiar to all Blanchester alumni.”

George Fenner was chosen to be the treasurer.

The group brainstormed many ideas of things to do help promote the earning tax.

John Potter will complete the paperwork for the PAC and then it will be filed with the Clinton County Board of Elections.

There will be many more meetings and opportunities for supporters to contribute their ideas, strategies and work with others to help achieve the committee’s goals.

News Journal